Contract Ratified By Port Authority Members

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The IBEW 29 Brothers and Sisters that work at Port Authority voted on a 1 year contract that will give them a 2.5% wage increase and additional sick time benefit for newer employees and zero takeaways. The new contract goes into effect as of May 1st 2020 after a mail in vote was conducted and all votes received by 5/6/20 were tallied and accepted by an overwhelming majority.

The Company must now take the tentative agreement to their Board of Directors for a vote. The Board does not meet until May 29th, and if the agreement is passed at that time the wages will be retroactive back to May 1, 2020.

This one year deal will get us through these unusual times until we can get back to normal negotiations next year. This negotiation was held via conference calls between both committees and our own committee when trying to decide what our next move was. The last week of negotiations we had a State Mediator join the conference calls which helped us get to an agreement. We normally would have a meeting to explain the contract and answer any questions may have but we were not able to do that due to COVID-19. A letter explaining the contract was sent out with the ballots to all the members, this is not the best way of holding a vote but again in these times we had to adjust.

With the current economic state, we are in I believe we reached a fair contract for the members at Port Authority and I am hopeful we can do the same next year when we meet again. 

I want to thank the negotiating committee members for their time and input, also I want to thank all of the members who voted and were patient and understanding during these difficult times.

Please continue to stay safe and virus free.

Kenn Bradley
Business Manager