Statement from Labor Council President Darrin Kelly

Friday, October 25, 2019
"President Trump comes to Pittsburgh and says he stands with our workers, then goes back to Washington and proves the opposite with his policies. Every time he's had the choice to be with us or against us, he's gone against us. He said he stood for working people, then cut taxes for corporations. He promised the best health care for everyone, then tried to take health care away from millions. He said union workers should vote for him, then attacked union rights and weakened workplace safety protections. He promised an infrastructure bill, then did absolutely nothing to pass one.
Most Democrats and Republicans in western Pennsylvania support safe, responsible natural gas development because we know it creates good jobs, supports working families, and helps build a bridge to a clean energy future in America.
We expect that kind of common senses from all our leaders. But we also expect our leaders to respect us, respect the work that we do, and respect the union we belong to and believe in. We expect our leader to keep their promises. President Trump does not respect us and has not kept his promises." 


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