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Thursday, November 1, 2018
There are only 60 minutes in a game, and we are going to play EVERY MINUTE. Election day is only the first step in our determined effort to win economic justice for all. Our activism and mobilization will continue throughout 2018. Our work to lift-up candidates that will fight for working people, their rights to collectively bargain, and work to unrig the system, is far from finished.
  • Philadelphia Lead: Danny Bauder, (215) 279-4337
  • Delaware County Lead:  Denis Stephano, (484) 716-6242
  • Chester County Lead: Carol Carvalho, 610-772-7571
  • Montgomery/Bucks Lead: Bob Cresswell, 215.380.2627
  • Lehigh Valley Lead:   Michael Fedor, 717-350-8409
  • Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Lead: Tony Ferreira, 570-877-1290
  • Central Pennsylvania Lead: Bill Wilson, 717-421-8852
  • Northwest Pennsylvania Lead: Matt Fuhrman, (814) 431-8452
  • Allegheny County Lead: Dave Vinski, (412) 477-3224
  • Southwest Pennsylvania Lead: Daniel Nunzir, (724) 601-1768


Governor Tom Wolf Fights For Pennsylvania Workers

On November 6, the decision for Governor is clear. Governor Tom Wolf supports your right to a union; Scott Wagner will embark on an extremist, union-busting campaign. If you care about the right to join a union, the right to earn a living wage and the right to a safe workplace, then Governor Wolf is the only choice.
Governor Tom Wolf has expanded Medicaid access to more than 720,000 Pennsylvanians and will continue to protect health care access for our families. Governor Wolf has invested in repaired or rebuilding our infrastructure, including 1,300 roads, 600 bridges and more than 6,000 miles of roadway. This $6 billion investment has created jobs across Pennsylvania, and Wolf plans to invest $2 billion more over the next 10 years.
Bob Casey Stands Up For Union Rights
As Pennsylvania's senior Senator, Bob Casey has stood with union members time and time again, earning himself a 98% AFL-CIO voting record. From leading the way in protecting health care coverage to fighting the GOP Tax Scam, Senator Casey has placed the best interests of Pennsylvania workers ahead of corporate special interests. Bob Casey has stood with us and will continue to stand up for the right to collective bargaining!
Senator Casey has stood up for union rights and workers. It's time for workers to come out and re-elect Senator Bob Casey!
Conor Lamb Isn't Afraid To Say UNION
Back in March, the Pennsylvania union movement proved that when working people come together we can achieve outstanding results. In living rooms, on telephones, and at work sites, our brothers and sisters mobilized to elect a candidate that stands up for working people and the issues that matter in their daily lives.
Conor Lamb demonstrated that honesty, integrity, and support for a fair economy for all is the future of American democracy. The union movement pushed Congressman Lamb to victory in March, and with your help, we will do it again on November 6!


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