NRG/GenOn bankruptcy

Thursday, September 28, 2017
Here’s what we know right now. GenOn is currently going through the chapter 11 bankruptcy process in the Texas southern district court system. The chapter 11 bankruptcy process is scheduled to be complete by December 13, 2017. We are now being run operationally by GenOn although we are still NRG employees. Local 29’s collective bargaining agreement contains a successor clause which ensures that when we become GenOn that our contract will stay intact. Our pension plan will be staying with NRG and is fully funded and secure, which means retirees will see no change. All pension-eligible employees will be able to start receiving their pension benefits from NRG while still working for GenOn. Anyone that is interested in receiving their pension please contact the union hall if you have any questions.
GenOn will consist of the following 21 power stations:
  • PA- Brunot Island, Cheswick, Elrama, New Castle, Hunterstown.
  • Ohio- Avon Lake, Niles.
  • NY- Bowline, Hudson Valley gas plant, Lovett.
  • MA- Canal, Marthas Vineyard.
  • Ms- Choctaw.
  • CA- Contra Costa, Pittsburg, Coolwater, Etiwanda, Mandalay, Ellwood, Ormond Beach.
We are also hearing that the Keystone and Conemaugh plants will be going with GenOn also but were not sure in what capacity because they are owned by multiple companies.
Please remember to stay focused and to work safely. We all need to focus on what we can control which is the safety of ourselves and our co-workers. We can’t control the bankruptcy process, so please try not to focus on all of the rumors that seem to be out there. As we get more information we will continue to update you by posting it on this website, if anyone has any questions or concerns please contact a union official.