What's Ahead in 2020

Thursday, March 12, 2020
Looking at what's ahead this year in 2020 for our union, the biggest thing will be the election of the union officers in June with the nominations in May. All positions are considered open for election to all eligible members, I will go into more detail on the election in the next Watts Current.
The bankruptcy we have been dealing with at Beaver Valley was expected to be completed in February but due to some IT issues it won't be official until sometime in March. The one thing we don't know for sure is whether or not the generating units will continue to be slated for deactivation as they currently are. Energy Harbor is the new name of the company for the Beaver Valley employees.
The remaining IBEW local 272 members that worked at the Bruce Mansfield Plant will be amalgamated with our local due to the closure of that Station. There are only 8 - 10 members left who will maintain any remaining environmental equipment and areas. The amalgamation was scheduled to take place by March 1 st ( it has been delayed due to the Company's attorney's objecting to a basic agreement, but should be agreed to in the next week or so) I want to welcome those members along with some of the members that were able to get jobs at Beaver Valley Station.
We have two contracts that expire this year, Port Authority expires on May 1 st and GenOn (Cheswick & Brunot Island) expires on October 1 st and I expect both negotiations to be hard fought by both sides but I believe we will end up with fair contracts on both.
In the first half of the year our members that work in the T&D department at Duquesne Light will be trained on the IBEW Code of Excellence, this is new to our local but has been used at many other IBEW locals for a number of years, so I am excited to see the outcome of this program. We will continue to try and settle our differences with each company without going to arbitration but when necessary and as a last resort we will use that method per the contract when we feel our members are being treated unfairly based on their CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) that they are working under.
I hope everyone is able to attend or get involved with at least one of the functions hosted by Local 29, the first one is the golf outing on June 7th. The next one is a picnic which has been held at Idlewild over the past number of years but may change this year. The Labor Day Parade and picnic that follows is a great event for the whole family. The Gun bash is normally held in September or October but the committee is exploring other fundraising event options at this time. The Christmas Party will be held at Rivers Casino this year and I am confident it will be a great time. These events can't happen without the Community Service Committee, if you can help them with one of these events it would be greatly appreciated.
The MRC (Motorcycle Riding Club) is growing their membership so if you like riding a motorcycle this is the club for you they do charity rides, day trips along with over night trips in which you can do as many or as few as you would like. If interested call the union hall for details.
If you are a Veteran and would like to be apart of helping other Veterans, the IBEW 3 rd District Veterans Committee is growing and our Local is proud to be apart of it. For this committee to be successful we need our members both veterans and non-veterans to help, so please call the hall and see how you can help this great Committee.
The most important thing that we are asking all of our members to do this year is to work safely and if something doesn't look right stop the job!! Every members safety is important to us but it is even more important to your family so do everything in your power to work safely everyday, every hour, every minute and don't even take one second off from being safe, 1 second is all it takes to change you and your family's life style....... so don't let your loved ones down.


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