UCOMM Radio: We Have to Raise $1,000 in 3 Days, We Need Your Help!

Thursday, January 11, 2018
Nearly two months ago, we reached out to the UCOMM Radio nation with an ambitious goal. We asked our listeners to help us get UCOMM Radio back on the air. Over the last 7 weeks, the outpouring of support has been great. Old hosts have come to ask you to donate and radio shows like America's Workforce Radio have covered our campaign to bring the show back.
Now we are hitting crunch time. We have just 3 days left to meet our fundraising goal. In the next 3 days, we need to raise $1,000. Can we count on you to support UCOMM Radio?
Help Bring Back UCOMM Radio! Support UCOMM Radio Today.

As attacks on labor continue, we need UCOMM Radio now more than ever. These next five days will determine whether or not UCOMM Radio gets back on the air. The decision to get the show back on the air is up to the rank and file listeners. We need you to show your support for UCOMM Radio one more time and help us raise the last $1,000.



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