August 2021 MRC News Letter


8-1-2021 Newsletter


Brothers and Sisters,


     I hope I find all of you and your family and friends in good health. As we have before and during this pandemic the MRC continues to do our community service participation by donating and participation in many Charity Motorcycle Event Rides. With the weather being very nice but sometimes very hot there has been a lot of charity events to go to. Our biggest donation is to the Homeless Veteran’s Charity Event. This year they are having this charity event but are not doing their ride. But instead, they are having an event at all the local VFW’s that they usually ride to. They have 5 different dates that you can go to 1 of the 5 VFW’s and participate in donating to this charity there.

     We went to the NSUJL (National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen) Linemen’s Rodeo in Freeland, Pa. Thank you to our union for being a Sponsor for the 2021 Rodeo.

The Rodeo was held in June on the 18th and 19th.

     We have supported many charities this year and will continue to do so throughout the year.

     We haven’t done many club rides being the opening of the country where many of the members are finding the time to see their families and friends. We have done a night at Jergel’s and hopefully the planning on a weekend ride to possibly Gettysburg or somewhere in Virginia.

     The International East Coast Ride has ended and so the MRC is looking into that July weekend to have a 3-day weekend club ride somewhere next year.

     Congratulations to Bill Braun on his new 2021 Tri-Glide.

     If you know of active or retired union member interested in joining the IBEW L.U. 29 Motorcycle Riders Club please have them contact the union hall at 412-922-6969 or

call me at 412-523-8920.

     There is plenty of good weather for riding and so I hope you have the time to enjoy your bike. Ride safe and be aware of those offensive drivers who are in a hurry and do not watch out for motorcyclists or really anyone.

     Hopefully, we will see you on the road.


In Solidarity,

Ken “Jonesy” Jones


IBEW L.U. 29 Motorcycle Riders Club

MRC Memorial Day Ride


June 6, 2021


Topic: Memorial Day – White Valley AMVETS Post 85 - Memorial Event


     This Memorial Day me, Brother Terry Schimmel, and Sister Debbie Slaney had the honor to ride with the White Valley AMVETS to 5 Cemeteries to honor those veterans who gave their all for the freedom of our Great Country and for YOU and ME.  We met at the McDonalds in Murrysville at 7AM and rode to the AMVETS Home to be there for the 1st destination that left at 7:45. With 20 motorcycles in this procession with several American Flags flying from the rear of several motorcycles made a great display of patriotism.

     Our first stop was at the White Valley Cemetery where we attended the program of honoring those buried there. Honoring those veteran’s and the reading of the recent names of those veterans who had passed this past year. With a 3 shot medley and the playing of 2 Franklin regional trumpet players play Taps. After the praying for these honored veterans, we left for the 2nd stop. The Murrysville Cemetery. There we again were greeted by families and friends honoring these honored veterans. There we stood by, observing the honoring of those buried there and the reading of the recent past veterans. Followed by taps and a verbal response to saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Then we left for the 3rd Cemetery. Now arriving at the Hills Church Cemetery, we got off our motorcycles to again attend the honoring of the passed veterans and the reading of the recently passed veterans. The 4th Stop was in the town of Export. There we saw the new memorial in Downtown Export and having the honor of hearing the Rear Admiral of the Atlantic Navy. He was from Export and came to the dedication of the new memorial and spoke of how it was his honor to serve and protect our country and assured us of what his duty was. After having witnessed the Dedication, we joined in the Memorial Day Parade through the town of Export and then went on to the 5th and last stop in the procession. This stop was at the Twin Valley Cemetery. There we were again greeted by a large crowd of family and friends that were there to honor the passed veterans and the recently fallen veterans. Again, having the blessings, speakers, having again the firing of a 3-gun medley, with Taps from the 2 Franklin Regional Trumpeters, and then having the Franklin Regional band play a medley of patriot music and finishing by playing of the National Anthem.  Closing prayer then back to the home of the White Valley AMVETS where we again held a memorial for those passed and recently passed. After the ceremony we were invited inside of there home for a really nice lunch. This was the true meaning of Memorial Day. The IBEW 29 MRC made a generous donation to the White Valley AMVETS on this day and we were very honored to be there.

     This was a great way to Honor those brave service men and women who severed in our military and to thank those serving in the military TODAY on this Memorial Day.


     Please, if you ever see a veteran, take the time to Thank them.


In Solidarity,

Ken Jones


IBEW L. U. 29 Motorcycle Riders Club

MRC Riding Schedule 2021


2021 Ride Schedule




2nd   Sunday – 27th Annual Blessing of the Bikes  

         Tionesta – World of Grace Parking Lot   -   3 PM

                              German Hill Road

         By – Christian Motorcyclist Association Chapters of Western PA.


 TBA - MRC Members “ON THERE OWN” Ride to Elwood City   -   Lunch Meeting




13th        2021 15th Annual Ride for Homeless Vets 

               Sunday, June 13, 2021

               Details to follow


17, 18, 19   Fallen Lineworker’s Benefit Rodeo Freeland, PA


MRC’s is Leaving for the Rodeo on the 17th if you’re interested.

Staying overnight of the 17th and 18th

Call Ken for details.

For Reservations Call:

Mountain Laurel Resort

81 Treetop Circle

White Haven, Pa. 18661





16, 17, 18     IBEW Gathering – Ed Hill Memorial Ride, Scranton, Pa

                      Hotel – Comfort Suites near Montage Mountain




JULY   (con’t)


25th     Blue Ride


Blue Ride Info:
Date: Sunday, July 25, 2021
Registration will be at North Strabane Twp.
Volunteer Fire Department on Rt19 Canonsburg PA
from 9am to 11 am, and we will depart promptly at 11:30




21st    Brian Shaw Ride









Pre-Registration includes Tee Shirt, Wrist Band, and admission to the event.

Last day to Pre-Register is August 14th













March Newsletter




Brothers and Sisters, As the country is trying to get a hold on the Covid 19 Pandemic, we are anxiously waiting for the opportunity to get together and have a MRC meeting and or ride. We all are look forward to leaving 2020 behind us. I, like a lot of Seniors I know, have gotten the first or both of the Covid 19 shots by now. Pretty soon the next step for those getting their shots will be taking place.

I have my bike clean and ready and already have had several rides in this year. The MRC Board has kept busy during these trying times getting ready to go as soon as we see it can be done. As you know, you're Board, has been very active with our club dues going out to several Food Banks that find themselves trying to help as many of those in need as they can.

We have several ideas of interest in possibly having our own MRC lapel pins made as well as a new tee shirt for 2021. We haven't put together a ride schedule for this year but have several charity rides that we have heard from. I sent out information on the IBEW Rodeo in Freeland, Pa. It's on the weekend of June 18th and 19th. Several of our members have already made reservations at the Mountain Laurel Resort, 81 Tree Tops Dr, White Haven, PA 18661 Phone: (570) 443-8411. If you want to join us and call the hotel for a reservation let them know you are with IBEW 29 MRC. There is a discount for the room. We are leaving on Thursday the 17th for a nice scenic ride to Freeland. We are staying the 17th and 18th leaving the 19th for a long ride home possibly staying overnight before heading home on the 20th.

As the board discusses our future possible rides for this year, we will try to put together a ride schedule of all the charity events that are planned for later this year.

The IBEW East Coast Ride seems to be canceled for this year but several IBEW MRC's are planning on looking to have a ride on either the 3rd or 4th weekend of July up in the Scranton area. I haven't heard from anyone of those MRC's to what is being planned or if it's not going to happen.

So, keep your bikes ready, you never know when a member might put a ride together as we move forward. If you know any member or retiree of IBEW 29 that what to discuss the MRC or actually join the MRC, they can call the union hall or me at 412-523-8920. Be Safe, Do Social Distancing, and Wear a Mask, if not for yourself, but for those you may be around.

In Solidarity,


2021 MRC Recruitment

Brothers and Sisters,

I hope and pray all of you are in good health? Happy New Year! As 2021 has begun, we find a lot of things happening already.

Hopefully the pandemic will get under control and the 2021 year will be a prosperous one.

Every February your MRC has a Promotional Campaign to invite “ALL” members of the IBEW Local Union #29 to become members of the MRC.

You are also to be included in the recruiting of new members of IBEW Local Union 29.

All members, Active or Retired, have to be, or were, in good standing with the union.

So, if you can make a copy of the flyer above, or call, or text any of our union Brothers and Sisters that ride to inform them of the MRC.

Give them my contact information so they can call, text, or e-mail me so I can talk to them and get them all the information they will need about our MRC.

Also, do not forget that MRC Membership dues are now being collected.


Members $25.00

Social Members $20.00

Send your Dues Payment to:

IBEW 29 Motorcycle Riders Club

C/O Secretary Debbie Slaney

49 Rosewood Court #2

Pittsburgh, PA 15236

Debbie has already collected several dues. Thanks to you for acting so quickly.

Any questions for Debbie call 412-445-6643

I will also call the union hall to have them send this flyer out to all IBEW Local Union facilities.

Be Safe, Wear a mask, and try using Social Distancing the best you can.

Wearing a mask also help those with health conditions that are around you!!

Download the recruitment flyer

November 2020 Newsletter

Brothers and Sisters,

As the weather starts its changing and Mother Nature beautifies the country sides with her beautiful colors with the trees it makes for a great ride. Many of you have been riding and enjoying her beauty.

Thanks to all our MRC Members, because of you, we were again able to donate to the 3 local agencies during these hard times.  The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, Faith Restorations Food Bank in Monaca, and the Veteran’s Place on Washington Blvd.  The food banks are finding that their agencies will see a possible 3 times increase this holiday season with this pandemic going on. Veteran’s Place has been open this entire year working with our veteran’s in need. Thank you the Members of the MRC!!!!

Our union has also been on the mission of donating to various charities during these hard times. I guess that’s how your MRC gets its interest in helping out our communities when we can. We grew up with the union way of supporting our neighboring communities.

Thanksgiving is not too far away and I hope all of our union Brothers and Sisters are able to get together with their families to enjoy the holiday.

Christmas to follow, if you haven’t noticed all the stores are decorated already. I have seen a lot of stores are offering great discounts for the up and coming holiday.

Then New Years Day. I haven’t heard of any New Year’s Day motorcycle rides. I have always tried to do the Three Rivers New Year’s Day ride with Will J. Hopefully this year we will be able to do that ride again. If you hear of any H-D Dealerships of any group doing the New Year’s Day ride, let me know so I can get that information out to the MRC and the union.

This past week was great and I did take the time to get out and ride through the country sides. If you have any thoughts of riding any time soon, let your MRC members know. I’m sure there are some of us still trying to get in some final 2020 rides.

I wish for you, your family and friends and all our union brothers and sisters to stay healthy and be safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

If any IBEW 29 members are interested in joining the IBEW 29 Motorcycle Riders Club, you can contact the union hall or me at 412-523-8920.

In Solidarity,

October 2020 Newsletter


Brothers and Sisters,

Fall is upon us and the virus is still here, I know most of the MRC’s members are staying home, riding mostly alone, and wearing their masks and keeping safe. I am to but, I do get on the bike and get out into the fresh air and enjoy the ride. It’s definitely not like being with all of you. The leaves are turning and there are some brilliant colors out there.

Even though the club has suspended all rides for this year we are still keeping watch on the charities that are struggling because of many charity rides being cancelled. 

Your MRC has donated money to several food banks that are trying to keep up with the need from many communities from people being laid off or out of a job. I recently got a letter from the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank asking if we could donate again for the up and coming holiday season. They are estimating a crowd of 3 times larger than last year’s holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Through our membership dues we were able to donate to the food bank again this fall.  

Also. The Veterans Place on Washington Blvd. who is there for all those veteran’s in need, and they have been there throughout this pandemic, like they have been before the pandemic helping out veterans who are struggling through life and giving them a place to go for assistance and some a place to stay. Your MRC has recently sent a donation to this organization as well.  We also had members adding to the donations to these 2 organizations. I Thank You “ALL” for those generous donations.

Your MRC, even though were not riding, is still staying in touch with the union. We are still an active club, looking for any IBEW 29 Union members active or retired that rides and is interested in joining the IBEW 29 Motorcycle Riding Club. If you are interested in joining or wanting to ask about the MRC, you can call the Union Hall at 412-922-6969 or me Ken Jones at 412-523-8920.

Our Blessings and Thank You goes out to all those Heroes working in the Health System, Municipal, County, State, Delivery, and all the others that are putting it on the line to keep all of us at home with all the needs we need to carry on thru this pandemic.

Our thoughts and Prayers also go out to all of our Union Brothers and Sisters who all out there doing their jobs!!

Last but not least, make sure you get out and “VOTE”.

In Solidarity,
IBEW 29 Motorcycle Riders Club

Motorcycle Club Update

Brothers and Sisters, As the States starts to go Green and Open Up, we are not out of the woods yet. The CDC reminds us to continue to wear face masks and keep Social Distancing. Us retirees find ourselves staying home and keeping social distancing and we wear our union mask every time we go out.

Your MRC has not been doing any active rides but, we are discussing the possibility of having a Destination Ride and see how that works out. Meeting at a designated location and doing a ride. As soon as we discuss the event ride, we will get in touch with all the members.

The summer is coming out strong with the heat and not much rain. Most charity event rides have been cancelled. Even the Union Golf Outing had to be cancelled for this year.

There has been some events rides out there since the announcement of the different counties going Green. If you plan on gong please be aware and careful.

There will not be a summer MRC meeting and hopefully we will have the December meeting.

I have been out riding and mostly by myself. I have heard from several member's getting out and riding. The weather has been great for riding so far. I expect it will continue to do so.

The IBEW East Coast Ride has been cancelled by the I. O. If you have a room reserved you should have been notified by Canaan Valley about getting your deposit back.

I would like to Welcome our Newest Members Jeff Moser. Jeff has retired from Duquesne Light Company and recently bought a new Harley Davidson. So welcome Jeff and I'm looking forward to seeing the new ride. Those of you who know Jeff send out a MRC Welcome to Jeff.

So, If there is any interest by and Union Member that would like to inquire about or actually join the MRC please call the Union Hall at 412-922- 6969 or contact me at 412-523-8920. -Ken Jones President IBEW 29 Motorcycle Riders Club.

April 2020 Newsletter

Brothers and Sisters,

Wow, what a year so far. With the Corona 19 Virus we haven’t even thought about doing any rides so far this year. I know my concentration is to stay busy in my home and nobody comes into my house.

The 2020 Ride Schedule is on hold until further notice. The schedule is finished but things are changing daily and we are not prepared to put out the schedule for the changes we are seeing.  The 3 overnight rides will probably be cancelled. They were 1. To Grand Canyon of Pa. 2. Bedford Cover Bridge Ride and Gravity Hill 3. Paradise Isle in Erie. We cannot promise any lunch or dinner rides either. But time will tell.

Your MRC is now doing two monetary donations: 1. Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank 2. Faith Restoration Food Bank in Monaca. Your MRC has removed several charities we usually donate to but these two charities are for the communities of Allegheny and Beaver Counties for families really in need!

Our Union is now selling face masks for only $5.00. I know the union is having a lot of requests and the allotment should be in soon. Remember as of midnight 4-19-2020 we are required to wear a mask before entering any type of building.

These are trying times for our Brothers and Sisters that are still going to work to keep the power on and business as usual. Please keep them in your prayers.

The Heroes that are out their putting their lives on the line like the Health Care workers and the Police, Fire Companies, and all the essential others that go to work to protect, feed, and care for all of us need our prayers.

Who ever thought this Great Nation with all the scientific and medical knowledge could take this country on, let alone SHUT IT DOWN?

As we are starting to open up this country PLEASE be careful and isolate and keep the minimum 6 feet distancing until they can find the vaccine to fight this epidemic.

Your MRC is planning on moving forward but in a Safe Manner. We are always looking for new union brothers and sisters to come and join the IBEW 29 MRC. If you or know anyone interested in joining or discussing the MRC, you can call the Union Hall at 412-922-6969 or you can call me, Ken Jones, at 412-523-8920.

Fraternally yours,


March 2020 Newsletter

Brothers and Sisters,

The weather is co-operating but this Corona Virus is Kicking our butts.

I hope you all are prepared to do what you need to protect you and your Families and Friends.

We are working on the 2020 IBEW 29 MRC Ride Calendar and hoping we will be able to do the rides. There will be several overnight rides and one 2 nights.

Also, there are several Club Charity Event rides like we did last year.

The 2020 MRC Ride Calendar will be out and posted on All the union bulletin boards by the end of the month.

We are always looking for new members from our union. So, if you know any Brother or Sister who is interested in the MRC ask them to join us on a day ride or lunch or dinner ride or they can give me a call anytime.

From the response from you the members at the General Meeting, seems we are anxious to get on the road and ride.

Any questions call the union hall at 412-922-6969 or me Ken Jones at 412-523-8920.

In Solidarity,

January 2020 Newsletter

Happy New Year!  2020 is upon us and we started it out with the Polar Bear Run at 3 Rivers Harley Davidson. Started out at 32* but by 11 it was up to 38*. That’s why we have electric heated saddles, liners and gloves.

The MRC received a very nice Thank You letter from the Beavers Falls Christian Assembly for our donation for the Christmas Toy for Kids program. Thank you to Brother Onuska for letting us know about the event so we could help out with this great event for the kids.

We had a great time at the Cleveland Motorcycle Show on Saturday, January 25th. We had 9 show up and all rode together in a 15 passenger Van with Brother “Wooz”.

Our first MRC meeting of 2020 is Saturday February 22nd at the Steak n Lube in Cranberry. The meeting starts at 11 AM. All members of IBEW L.U. 29 are welcome even if you are not an active member in the MRC. If you are planning on going you must contact me. This is so I can make arrangements with the Steak n Lube on how many will be attending.

This meeting we will be mostly discussing what, where, and when are rides for this year will be. So, if you have a ride you would like to present to the MRC make sure you bring the details of the ride.

This past year we had a lot of rides and donated to 8 different charities. Also, doing several lunch rides as well as the IBEW East Coast Ride. Those who are interested in the IBEW East Coast Ride can contact the union hall or contact me for details.

Our Safety Officer Bill Braun has planned a Level 2 Motorcycle Safety Foundation training class. Anyone interested in attending is to contact Bill.

This year we are planning more scenic rides as well as several overnight rides. Two possible rides are actually 2 nights and 3 day rides.

Also, if you ever heard of Rolling Thunder in D.C. during the Memorial Day weekends, you probably heard last year was the last time Rolling Thunder will take place. Well that’s true. But, the AMVETS took it over, so it will be happening still. They call it “Rolling to Remember”. You can register with the AMVETS to receive any information they send out at

I hope you can join us on Saturday February 22nd at the Steak n Lube in Cranberry at 11 O’clock.

In Solidarity,

Ken “Jonesy” Jones 


IBEW L.U. 29 Motorcycle Riders Club 


August 2019 Newsletter

Another month has come and gone what seemed like a blink of an eye. Your MRC had a busy month with first the Northside Constable Charity Ride on July 13th. We had a nice turn out from our MRC and for a good cause helping the Senior Citizens of the Kane Foundation. Ride started at the Court House downtown Pittsburgh and ending up at the Kane Senior Center in North Hills. 

Having the Sheriff’s Department get lost several times leading the ride, it still turned out to be a nice ride and a nice day and gave us a lot to talk about them losing their way. We also had our brothers from IBEW 141 out of Wheeling W. V. join us for the ride. Thanks to Brother Victor for having his truck and Will J’s closed in trailer as an Emergency vehicle. Fortunately, we didn’t need any of help. Then, we had the IBEW International East Coast Ride July 19th thru the 21st in Charleston, W. V. Over 300 motorcycles from around the USA and Canada arrived Friday for a fun packed weekend. Thanks to the Union and BA Kenn Bradley for coming to see us off and having set up a water station for all the riders. It was hot and we had ice, cold water to start the day off really helped out the riders, Our Brother Victor took his Harley Davidson truck with Will J’s closed in trailer in tow and followed the ride as an Emergency Tow Vehicle. We are so glad he did. He helped a lot of riders along the way. Whether it was for gas when bikes ran short or actually out of gas and having to tow/trailer a bike back to the hotel. The ride was great and long with several stops along the way where Vic showed up with more ice water in the trailer for our Brothers and Sisters to get them through the rest of the ride. It was a perfect weekend for all. The third ride this month was the Blue Ride on Sunday the 28th. We met at our Brother Jim Gillespie’s house of IBEW 5’s MRC for breakfast for a nice gathering of local 5’s MRC and our MRC.  Off to the Fire Hall in North Strabane Twp. for registration. Another hot day ahead. We had a long ride with several stops and a great meal at the end of the ride. Another great day with our MRC.

This month was a great riding month and along these rides we were able to have several union brothers and friends join us and see what our MRC is all about. I would like to Welcome Brother Dan Onuska, Brother Bob Sikora, and  

Brother Paul Swiech to our MRC.

The month of August actually has 2 Charity Event rides on the schedule. August 11th is the Officer Brian Shaw Memorial Ride and the Veteran’s Place Ride August 17th. We have done both of these events and both are rides for good local causes. I hope you can join the MRC for one or both of these rides. I will be doing both. I hope we can have a lunch or dinner ride this month. If you have an idea, let me or our Road Captain Mark Vandenbord know and maybe we can put the ride together or actual help you put your ride together. Everyone can do a ride for your MRC. You do not have to wait for others to come up with a ride.

Do not forget the 2 BIG RIDES in September. September 2nd is the Labor Day Parade. The MRC was a big hit at the parade. People and kids loved seeing the bikes. Also, September 21st is our Joint Ride with IBEW 5. We have done this with IBEW 5 in the past years. This year it is an overnight ride to Kinzua Dam, the Kinzua Bridge, and then the next day to see the elk. Should be a fun 2 days. THIS IS A CLOSED CLUB RIDE MEMBERS ONLY and their special guest are welcome.

Any IBEW 29 Union Member, Past or Present in Good Standing are welcome to join or ride with your MRC. We only have one ride throughout the year that is members only. All other rides union members are welcome to join in on your MRC rides. If you’re interested in learning about the MRC or joining your MRC contact the Union Hall at:

412-922-6969 or call me at 412-523-8920.

Until next month, Ride Safe and Ride often

In Solidarity,


July 2019 Newsletter



Brothers and Sisters,

June was an exciting month with several charity rides your MRC attended. The weather was good for most of the month and summer is upon us now. The weather is getting warmer and the roads are under construction everywhere.

We did the Homeless Vets ride June 9th, where the union and the MRC both contributed to such a great cause. 100% of the money raised goes to helping all veteran’s in many ways. Thanks to all the members who showed up to support the MRC supporting this event. We also rode to Johnstown for Thunder in the Valley. It was hot but the ride through the country was great and the rally was all we expected. On our way home we stopped at the FIREWOOD in Apollo and had some of the best smoked/barbeque food I’ve had in a long time. They served us a lot of food for a good price and the food was outstanding. I’m planning on putting a lunch ride together in August for the MRC and ALL our union Brothers and Sisters that would like to do join us at the FIREWOOD.

The MRC has a Charity Event that we sponsor coming up July 13th for the North Side Constables. This ride is for the Senior Citizen in the Kane Senior Centers. All the money goes to giving these Seniors something to do with their time throughout the week. Whether is in house entertainment or going to the movies or shopping or social events in the community. This Charity gives those seniors the opportunity to live a quality of life. The start of the ride is at the County Court House downtown. 436 Grant Street, and registration starts at 8 with Kick Stands up at 10. I hope all the union members of IBEW 29 can join us.

The IBEW East Coast Ride is July19th to the 21st in Charlestown W.V.  Those who have rooms good for you because the area of hotels is full. This has been a great event and growing each year with union members coming from all over the US and even Canada. If you have never been to this event and cannot make this year plan on joining us next year. It’s usually the 3rd weekend in July.

On Sunday, July 28th is the Blue Ride put on by the Blue Knights. Registration is at the North Strabane Twp. Volunteer Fire Department on Route 19 in Canonsburg. Registration is from 9-11 with kickstands up at 11:30. This is an escorted ride with plenty of food!

So, lots to do in July and I hope you can join us in some or all the events.

If you’re not a member of the MRC and would like to join or ask about the MRC you can contact the Union Hall for information at 412-922-6969 or me at 412-523-8920.

Ride Safe and Ride often.

In Solidarity,


Officer Brian Shaw Memorial Scholarship Fund Event

Brothers and Sisters.


This web site will get you to the Pre-registration form if you’re interested in going to this Charity Event.

This ride is on Sunday, August 11.

Check out the web site

This Sunday is the day after the Saturday I proposed our MRC picnic.

I did last years and will be doing this ride again this year.

Because this was such a huge success, they had to move the Registration and Start of the ride to the Shriners in Cheswick.

If the MRC would like to do this as a club and want to pre-registration like we did for the Homeless Vets ride let me know.

Have a fun day!!!

August 17th and August 24th Event Details

1st. Saturday August 17th

This is an event our MRC did as our first actual MRC Charity Event 4 years ago and actually assisted in the following years ride. This ride is in support of the Veteran’s Place on Washington Blvd. not far up the hill on the right from the Pittsburgh Fireman’s Training Center.

Our MCR did the first ride for this charity where 98% of the money goes to support, Educate, house, and help our veteran’s find their way back to reality and become citizens again. I hope I will be able to do this ride again. Bill Lunz is a good friend I met doing this ride and helping organize it 4 years ago.

This ride starts out at the New Kensington VFW Post 92.

1601 Wildlife Lodge Rd.

New Kensington Pa 15068

Registration: 8-10am
Pre-Registration: $20 Rider, 15 Passenger, Day of +$5 for each
Pre-register at
Parade: Leechburg Rd. Lower Burrel 10:30am Start


2nd. Saturday August 24th

Kickstands Up: 10:20am


I do not know anything about this ride other than what the flyer says. I will call the number at the bottom of the flyer to learn about this charity event. The Contact is Sherry Einhaus at 412-973-1831. I will let you know what I find out.

OTA Operations Center
1200 Lebanon Rd, Unit #510
West Mifflin, PA 15122

$20 Per Rider, $15 Passenger, Day of Rider $25, Passenger $20, Dinner Only $10
Continental Breakfast, Dinner, 50/50 & Raffle

Register Now:

Click here to download the flyer

The MRC dos not have any rides schedule for the month of August so far.

We had a tragic passing of one of our union brothers at Beaver Valley. It saddens me to know that brother Josh Hulings, 40 years old passed away from a heart attack. Leaving a wife and family. I was told Josh was an outstanding husband, father and union brother. Brother Mark Vandenbord mentioned to me today the possibility of doing a fund raising motorcycle ride for his family.  We will be looking into this in the near future and I think this is what UNIONISM is about. Not only organizing to keep our job and a safe work place, but the SOLIDARITY of union Brothers and Sisters coming together to support each other in times of need. I know Mark was at the plant doing a fund raiser for his family and I think we should look at what we might be able to do for our fallen brother’s family as well throughout the union.

I would like YOUR input on this matter!!

So moving forward the MRC knows how it feels about these issues that will come up time and time again.

NOTE: So far I got 2 riders and 2 passengers for the Thunder in the Valley Ride. Take Care and Ride Often and Ride Safe.

In Solidarity,


Upcoming Rides

Brothers and Sisters,

The summer’s flying and this Saturday looks like a nice day.

I recently sent out a notice of me riding to the “Thunder in the Valley” in Johnstown and haven’t heard from anyone interested in going. If you thinking of riding I need to know otherwise I will plan another ride with other bikers I know that are going.

Also, The July 13th ride for the North Side Constables ride. As you know we are a Sponsor of this Charity event and I hope you will be able to join in on doing this event. We need to be at the Court House downtown by 7:30 to park motorcycle as they come. Hopefully we have a better turnout than last year of 10 bikes. I attached the Flyer for you to pre-register.

Unfortunately Dan did not get this on a web site to do on line pre-registration. So follow the directions on the flyer. The union is donating $300.00 and we are donating $200.00  so we will be a Gold Sponsor of this event plus our registration money will be a HUGE help for this charity.

Let me know what your thoughts are and what you would like to see your MRC do, Lunch or dinner rides or a weekend ride or an overnight ride.

In Solidarity,


Homeless Vets Ride 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

The above pictures are from today’s Homeless Vets Ride. What a turn out we had for this beautiful day and I appreciate your support of our MRC and Union for this ride. With our registration of $170.00 and the Union’s support of $150.00 we were able to give this great event a total of $320.00.

They were very appreciative to us for such a great donation. I will do a write up of the ride and send it in to Kenn for it to be posted  on the MRC site with some pictures of the ride today.

Again, Thank you for coming and making this a great day for all of us.

Will J, Mark, Bud, Sam, Debbie, and Billy, Thanks Again!!!!


For more photos from the event please click here.

Northside Constables Ride Pre-registration Form

The above attachment is for your Pre-Registration for the Saturday, July 13th Northside Constables & Friends Charity Ride. We are in discussing with the committee why this is not post on a web site for the ride to make pre-registration available on line. Committee member Dan is working on it from the committee.

Hopefully this will happen soon but in the mean time I hope you can make this IBEW 29 MRC Sponsored event and do your pre-registration. Please let others know about the ride too. The MRC is needed at the court house downtown that Saturday morning at 7:30 to park  motorcycle as they come in.

Click here to download the registration form.

Any questions call me.


In Solidarity,


June 2019 Newsletter

The weather is turning for the better for riding and just in time. We have some interesting rides for the month of June.

First: We have the Homeless Vets Ride, Sunday, June 9th. If you never done this ride it is a ride you do not want to miss. The ride is great and the stops a long the way are fun and the ending party is fantastic.  This Charity is one of our MRC sponsored rides.

Second: The Horseman has their charity ride on Saturday, June 15th.

Third: We have “Thunder in the Valley” in Johnstown. I will be leading this ride to Johnstown on Saturday June 22nd. So, if you plan on going please leave me know ASAP.

This will be an all-day affair so plan on getting home after 4 that day. Their will be many different vendors as well as food and entertainment.

I hope to have someone plan a lunch or dinner ride or both this month. Maybe going to Jergel’s in Wexford or Steak n Lube in Cranberry or Robinson Town Center for a bike night could happen as well. Of these 2 Steak n Lubes, if you have one of them you prefer let the club know.

Memorial patches for past President Edwin Hill are in I just have to pick them up. The memorial patch will be place on the back of your MRC vest on the lower right-hand corner of your vest.

Don’t forget you can invite any of our union Brothers or Sisters to join in any of the rides. This would give them a chance to talk to us and see just what our MRC is all about.

Don’t forget that you can see our ride schedule on the IBEW 29 web site under MRC. There are other unions that also do different rides and there might be a ride you might like to do. If there is a ride you like, you can contact me if you need information about the ride. If I don’t have the information at hand, I’m sure me or your Road Captain Mark Vandenbord can get it for you.

Any suggestions of a ride you would like the MRC to do or have a ride you would like to lead call Mark or me and we can assist you in getting things in motion with you.

Don’t forget to do the T-Clock inspection of your bike before every ride. You can never be to safe on a motorcycle.

Details on the Northside Constables Event Charity Ride will be out soon so you will know what our MRC might need you to do for this event. This is also one of our Sponsored events.

Any questions drop me an e-mail, text or just call,

In Solidarity,


Stupid Motorcycling Mistakes That Make You Look Like An Amateur

Style is a big element of cruising. We like our motorcycles because they look good, and therefore, we look cool riding them. But cool is an ephemeral thing. A couple of unsmooth moves can rip that cool image to shreds. Things like putting your foot down in oil at a stop and dumping you and your passenger on the street or hitting the starter button with your bike in gear on the side stand.

Though memorable, those debacles are one-time mistakes, quickly overcome and visible only to those on hand for the occasion. The blunders that keep on giving are those that we repeat or have a chance to correct, but don’t. They are obvious to anyone watching. Whether they end in crashes or not, so

Style is a big element of cruising. We like our motorcycles because they look good, and therefore, we look cool riding them. But cool is an ephemeral thing. A couple of unsmooth moves can rip that cool image to shreds. Things like putting your foot down in oil at a stop and dumping you and your passenger on the street or hitting the starter button with your bike in gear on the side stand.

Though memorable, those debacles are one-time mistakes, quickly overcome and visible only to those on hand for the occasion. The blunders that keep on giving are those that we repeat or have a chance to correct, but don’t. They are obvious to anyone watching. Whether they end in crashes or not, some signs immediately indicate that the rider is, at best, an unaware amateur. At worst, he is a burrito grande shy of a full combo plate. The stuff he is doing is so obviously stupid that everyone mentally steps back when they see it.

Every year at Daytona, you see the full range of cruisers, from bravo to bozo. After this year’s demonstration, I compiled a brief list of the more common and dangerously unfashionable moves I saw repeated most frequently.

Riding after drinking: He may be a fun guy back in the bar, but no one is impressed when he climbs onto his bike. Most motorcyclists who get killed have been drinking. And that doesn’t include all of the lesser injuries and damage. If you drink, take a cab or have a non-drinker take you home. If your friend pulls out his bike keys after drinking a couple of beers, talk him out of riding. It will be safer for him, better for motorcycling, and easier on your conscience.

Riding while smoking: When that ash blows into your eyes, you may make an ash of yourself as you try to find a place to pull over through the tears.

Riding in shorts: Short-sleeved shirts show an excess of optimism, but short pants cross the line into stupidity. They aren’t even stylish. And when you fall down, you’ll need to wear them for weeks while the oozing abrasions heal.

Foot-dragging: It’s a solid sign the rider lacks confidence in his ability to control the bike, as he drags his foot all the way across the intersection or through a turn in a parking lot. He’d be much better off, and look more expert, with his feet on the pegs, operating the controls.

Leaving without looking: When the light turns green, this rider simply goes without a sideways glance. This cool, unflustered appearance rapidly vanishes when he meets impatient cross traffic.

Using just the rear brake: Thanks to education, this particular blunder is becoming rarer, so riders who still do it stand out even more. I spotted a few on the streets of Daytona. They may not be obvious every time, unless you look at their right hands as they come to a stop. They stand out, though, when they have to stop moderately hard and lock up the rear wheel, while everyone around them is making nice, controlled stops. Unfortunately, they are most obvious when something surprises them, and their conditioned response keeps them from squeezing that front brake lever—and about 70 percent of their bike’s potential stopping power. Hitting a car or, worse, rear-ending the bikes in front of you wreaks havoc with your coolness quotient. Learn to make the front brake a part of every normal stop. It is good practice and might protect your legend when the chips are down.

Sunglasses at night: or a dark face shield. Your vision is already reduced at night, and things like oil slicks and sand don’t go away, they just try to disappear, and successfully if you compromise your vision even further. I saw someone with sunglasses drop his cruiser in Daytona a few years ago. He didn’t seem very cool, especially since he was trying to blame the bike and his tires, and almost anything but his own failure to see the sand on the street.

Loose chain: I’ve never seen a bike with a loose, rusty chain that wasn’t piloted by a raw beginner. Most loose chains indicate the same. By the time a chain sags, any knowledgeable owner should have caught it. Therefore, the guy with a loose chain is, almost by definition, an amateur.

Bald tires: Blowouts, no wet-road traction, terrifying handling while leaned over, these are a few of their favorite things. Those bald-in-the-middle tires are a recipe for a variety of disasters, all of them painful. (Check out Tips for Maximum Tire Life)

Underinflated tires: Can’t they find the tire valve at a gas station? Don’t they own a $3.95 tire gauge? Are they blind? (Maybe they check their tires at night while wearing sunglasses.) Can’t they feel that the bike is wallowing around? You have to wonder about anybody who won’t add a little free air to the most critical component on his ride.

Bottom line: Looking like an amateur does nothing for your image. A rider who is losing control of the situation makes a less favorable impression than a pedestrian. When you ride like a pro, it simply enhances the rest of your image.

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May 2019 Newsletter

Brothers and Sisters,

This is a busy month for the MRC. We have an Event on May 5th for the Three Rivers Battalion 310 Marines, for their Pasta Dinner. It starts at noon and goes to 6 PM. This is one of the Charity events the MRC has voted to donated to. The MRC is planning a ride to this event so if you would like to go along please let me know ASAP. Any IBEW 29 union member is welcome to join us. If the weather forecast is good for riding, we will be planning a ride to and after the fund raiser.

Murrel’s Inlet S. C. is having their Annual Bike Week the third week in May. Saturday, May 10th to   Sunday, May 19th. If anyone is going to Bike Week, I will be there, so maybe we can get together for a nice ride and lunch.

Sister and Brother Norma and Frank Chapin have a Charity Event in Clark, PA. May 19th. We are planning a ride to and from this event and hope you can join your MRC on this ride. This will probably be an all-day event, so plan on a full day of riding and having fun.

Also, this is the last year for the Rolling Thunder in Washington, D.C.  Rolling Thunder is a United States advocacy group that seeks to bring full accountability for prisoners of war and missing in action service members of all US wars. The groups first demonstration was in 1988. It was incorporated in 1995, and has more than 90 Chapters throughout the US, as well as overseas. Rolling Thunder is Friday, May 24th through Monday, May 27th. This is Memorial Day weekend. Your MRC is attending and if you are thinking of going you better get on the Rolling Thunder Web site to find the Host Hotel or a hotel in D.C. and get your reservations ASAP. If you want to ride along with us, let me know and I will tell you where we are meeting on Friday for the ride down to D.C. Good Luck.

There will be some lunch or dinner rides throughout the month and if you have a ride or restaurant that would be a nice place to have lunch or dinner let the MRC know. Nothing better than a nice ride and food!

We hope to see you at our events and Ride Safe and Ride Often!!

In Solidarity,


2019 Pasta Dinner Fundraiser for the Three Rivers Leathernecks

Marine Corps League Pasta Dinner Sunday, May 5, 2019 - Noon to 6 p.m.

Food prepared by Monte Cello’s Restaurant

Cake from Lincoln Bakery included

Held at West View VFW Post 2754 Hall

Advance sale tickets Preferred

(Tickets can be purchased at the door)

Cost $10 for adults

$8 for children ages 6-12

Children under 6 eat for free

  • 50/50 Raffle,
  • Chinese Auction/Basket Raffle

Proceeds benefit the outreach projects of Three Rivers Leatherneck Detachment 310 Marine Corps League Donations Gratefully Accepted

Tickets may be purchased by contacting:

  • Matt Popovich 724-348-6535
  • Bob Timet 412-369-5188
  • Gerry Kunic 412-874-6186
April 2019 Newsletter

Brothers and Sisters,

Spring is here and the weather is starting to show it. Our evenings are becoming lighter

longer and I hope your bike is ready to go. I hope you have found the time to get out and start honing your riding skills. Our 2019 Riding Schedule is out and posted throughout the union bulletin boards and also posted on the IBEW 29 Web site under MRC. All the rides the club is planning on doing is highlighted in YELLOW. There are plenty of rides planned for this year.

     Hopefully, the weather continues to get warmer and we can get in a few lunch rides before the scheduled riding season begins. We do have a scheduled ride to begin the year and that is on Sunday, April 28th the Blessing of the Bikes in Windham, Ohio at St. Michael’s Church. There at 2 meeting sites. The 1st is at 9 AM at the Teamsters Hall in Lawrenceville and the 2nd is at the Sheetz on Beaver Grade Rd. We leave at 9 and 10 AM Sharp. So be there a little earlier to have time to gas up and socialize a bit.

Then there is Sunday, May 5th. A Pasta Dinner, at the West View VFW for the Three Rivers Leathernecks Detachment 310 Marine Corps League. Hopefully, the weather will be nice so we can do a ride to the VFW. This is not a Charity Ride Event. Just a Fund-Raising Dinner from Noon to 6. We have several Marines that are also retired union members that belong to the unit.     

This year we are sponsoring with IBEW L. U. #5 a Charity Event with the Northside Constables for the Seniors at the Kane Foundation. 100% of the money raised is for the seniors at 4 different facilities. This money is for making available time and events for the seniors so they have fun and are able to get around different parts of the communities for entertainment and the different community services made available for senior citizens. I hope you will be able to join your MRC at these events.

     As you can see, your MRC is planning on riding and having a lot of fun this year and if your interested in joining your Union’s MRC you can call the Union Hall at 412-922-6969 or contact me at 412-523-8920.

     If you’re a Novice Rider, this would be a great way for you to better your riding skills by riding with the MRC and our experienced riders. 

In Solidarity,

Ken Jones

President of IBEW L. U. 29 MRC

MRC: March 2019 Newsletter and Schedule


March 2019 Newsletter

Brothers and Sisters,

Will this weather ever become stable just so we can get used to going outside in the cold rather the warmth than the cold.

After the February meeting the election of officers was completed and the for the next 3 years the Officers are:

  • Ken Jones   -   President    Will J Demshar   -   Vice President
  • Debbie Slaney Secretary/Treasurer    Sam Houpt   -   Sargent at Arms
  • Mark Vanenbord   -  Road Captain    Bill Braun  -  Safety Officer

Welcome aboard the Newly Elected Board.

The 2019 Pittsburgh Union MRC Ride Schedule is out and should be posted throughout the union’s bulletin boards. If you do not have or see the schedule let me know or call the union hall.  HALL 412-922-6969. Please click here to download the schedule.

Your union MRC is in full support with IBEW 5 of the Northside Constables Motorcycle Run in support of the Kane Foundation where 100% of the money goes to support the Seniors in the 4 different Kane Facilities. The date is Saturday, July 13th. Registration opens at 8 AM and the ride leaves at 10 AM sharp. You can go online to Pre-Register but you must have it done by July 6th. If you do not ride you can still purchase tickets for the event at the Kane facility where the ride ends. The cost is $10.00 for dinner and $10.00 for a tee shirt.

Looking at the ride schedule you’re MRC is also supporting the Homeless Vet’s Ride in Natrona Heights on Sunday, June 9th. Plus, the Syria Motor Corps in Harmarville on Sunday, July 7th. Naturally, the IBEW East Coast Ride is July 19th thru the 21st in Charleston, W.V.

We will also be doing the Blue Ride support Police Training in Carnegie July 28th. IBEW 29 and IBEW 5 will be having a joint Solidarity Ride on Saturday, September 21st heading up to the Kinsua Bridge and Dam. Should be a great ride. This is a union ride so I hope you can join us. If you have a ride you would like to do or have us do, let us know by contacting Road Captain Mark Vandenbord.

We will be posting several lunch or dinner rides, so we hope you can join us. 

Need any information about the MRC or joining your MRC, you can call the union hall or contact me a 


So, your MRC is getting ramped up and ready to ride. Take the time to thoroughly check over your ride and get out and find a parking lot near you and practice your riding skills. 

In Solidarity,


Please click here to download the schedule.

Newly Elected Officers for the IBEW Local Union 29’s MRC

The Following names are the newly elected Officers for the IBEW Local Union 29’s Motorcycle Riders Club. Under Article 1 page 5 of the MRC’s By-Laws, each officer’s term is for three (3) years. The next Officer’s election will be held at the February MRC meeting in 2022.

Election Held February 9th, 2019

Ken Jones 412-523-8920


Will J Demshar 412-576-6081


Debbie Slaney 412-445-6643


Sam Houpt  412-298-6622



President assumes these duties – No Applicants

Mark Vandenbord 724-561-9943


Bill Braun 412-576-6146


There were no oppositions for any positions above

MRC Club Meeting - Feb 9th
January 2019 News Letter

Happy New Year!!!! Your MRC brings in the New Year wishing you all a Safe and Prosperous New Year. The MRC has had a very good 2018 riding season. Your MRC has supported many Charity events and rides throughout the past year.

The 2019 Ride Schedule will be getting underway on January 12th with a general meeting with all the local union Riding Clubs throughout the Pittsburgh Area. The 2019 Joint Union Ride Schedule should be out by March 1st. I will have it posted on the Union’s Web Site under MRC, as well as having the schedule posted on every union bulletin board throughout the union work sites.

The Progressive Motorcycle Show is in Cleveland, Ohio. It will be held at the IX Center near Cleveland Airport. It will be held from January 25th to January 27th. I hope you can join us. The MRC will be going on Saturday. You can call me if you are interested in joining us.

There will be an IBEW 29 MRC Meeting on Saturday, February 9th, at noon at the Steak n Lube in Cranberry Twp. Please RSVP me if you are planning to attend. All union members are invited.

Anyone interested in joining the MRC can contact me for all the details. If you have a ride you would like to do or have the MRC try to do contact Will J Demshar, The MRC is looking forward to doing more rides and events this year and we hope you can join us.

Progressive International Motorcycle Show

International Exposition (I-X) Center Cleveland, Ohio

Date: January 25 – 27, 2019


Friday, January 25: 3 PM – 8PM?Saturday, January 26: 9:30 AM – 8 PM?Sunday, January 27: 10 AM – 5PM

The Progressive International Motorcycle Shows offer enthusiasts an all-access pass to the world of motorcycling. Launched in 1982, the tour showcases hundreds of the latest street bikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, scooters and ATVs for new and experienced riders, and gives enthusiasts of all ages the opportunity to check out the latest gear and aftermarket accessories, as well as hours of entertainment.

All roads lead to Cleveland

We are conveniently located amongst the intersection of several interstate highways and directly adjacent to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

2 hours from Pittsburgh

Your IBEW 29 MRC is going on Saturday the 26th. Anyone interested in joining us  call Ken Jones 412-523-8920.

Save the Date: Rolling Thunder Event/Northside Constable Charity Ride

Rolling Thunder Event:

Memorial Day Weekend in D.C. is always the Rolling Thunder take over in Washington. This Year is the last year of this event so Will J and I are going. If any of you have an interest in going along we would love to have you. This will be a MRC 29 ride.

The Host Hotel for this event:

Hyatt Regency in Crystal City.

2799 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA, 22202, US

Guest Reservations M: (855) 680-3239

If you are planning on going, you will have to make your own reservations. Let me know if you are interested I going. This is the LAST YEAR of this Event/Procession. If you never been there during this event, time for this is running out. It is something you cannot describe even when you try. Please let me know ASAP if you are planning on going.

Northside Constable Charity Ride:

Will J and I met today with the Northside Constables for their July 13th charity ride. As discussed at the meeting Saturday we are assisting in this ride as well as being a Sponsor of the ride. So please add this date to your 2019 Ride Calendar.

Happy Thanksgiving and Updates from the Local

First, I would like to thank all of our veterans both past and present for their service to our country and fighting for freedom around the world. I also want to thank their families for the sacrifice that they make while those men and women are away from home. I also would like to send a special thanks to the men and women who were injured or worse yet gave their life protecting us and our freedom, it's a sacrifice I wish no one had to make.

Beaver Valley

Healthcare meetings and open enrollment were held for the members and retirees of Beaver Valley. The transition from UPMC to Highmark seemed to go smoothly with the assistance of the Highmark representatives. The versatility of Highmark and the decrease in cost, made a hard decision to switch providers a little bit easier. For those of you who have to switch doctors, I hope you find one you like even better than the one you currently have. Anyone that runs into a problem that Highmark can't help you with, you can call the Union Hall or talk to Joe.

The ongoing bankruptcy and deactivation plans, along with the bankruptcy Judge ruling against the Company's proposed KERP (Key Employee Retention Program), has forced the Company to negotiate a new KERP with the affected Unions who were all excluded from the original KERP. By joining with the other Unions and a great bankruptcy attorney we have been given a chance to get a piece of the KERP pie, without our attorney the KERP issue would be finished and no union member would have gotten a penny. After a number of proposals from each side, the Union's proposals included all union members and the Company's a very limited number of union positions along with a minimal dollar figure. The current proposal has increased the number of union positions along with an increase in the dollar amount to the point that the creditors committee is going to support this proposal when it goes before the bankruptcy judge at the end of the month. We will continue to try and improve the KERP and to fight to get what we feel is fair. Click here to read an update from the company.

People's Gas

We will be starting contract negotiations in the next few weeks as the current contract expires on January 22nd 2019. The Negotiating Committee will consist of the following members; Kenn Bradley, Glenn Camp, Nicole Greb, Mickey Maloney, Lynn Petrie and Garth Rae, we will do our best to keep everyone informed on the overall progress but the day to day details can not be communicated since things can change from meeting to meeting until we have a final agreement.

Aqua America is in the process of acquiring People's Gas and all indication is that it should not affect our group in the day to day operation but only time will tell.


The bankruptcy is still dragging on and the date that they officially are on their own keeps moving, but no major changes that affect our members are happening other than a much smaller operation. That being said when a problem does arise in the benefits area it's not always a quick resolution.

Cheswick has been running fairly well and more often than originally anticipated at the beginning of the year.


First the good news, we settled a termination grievance that was scheduled for arbitration, the member was returned to work after being off for 18 months. We agreed to a lump sum of $10,000(after taxes) settlement payment since the member was employed most of the time he was off and any back pay would be offset by what was earned while he was off.
A timekeeper who was suspended for 30 days was reduced to 10 days and paid any lost wages, then, brought back to work and placed in a vacant CSR position, we believe she was wrongly accused of falsifying records and we are proceeding through the grievance process.

Now the bad news, we just had another member terminated from the T&D dept. and there is an ongoing investigation into employees leaving work early, I'm sure there will be more discipline handed down once the Company completes their investigation. I ask that all members put a little extra focus on working safely during the investigation and not let it distract you, the last thing anyone wants is to have any type of injury. We will keep you updated to the extent possible, but in most cases the Company does not give us much information on the investigation.

We have held several meetings with our attorney in preparation for the arbitration scheduled for Dec. 4th on the reasonable overtime issue.....even though we know the company is not being reasonable we have the burden of proof so we need to be able to convince the arbitrator that the Company has been unreasonable.

The CCAC apprentices have started their internship at the service garages.

Here is a list of discipline over the last month;

  • 2 employees were given an MPP because the passenger in the vehicle supposedly did not have their seat belt on.
  • MPP given due to being late 3 times in a week according to a random check of the gate at Preble
  • MPP given for being late at the Racoon garage
  • 1 day suspension for not reporting to work Preble garage
  • CSR, Written warning for not completing work assignments
  • CSR written warning for not handling a call properly
  • CSR, 3 day suspension for lates and for not following Metlife Procedures
  • CSR, 3 day suspension for lates and leaving work unexcused


The Christmas dance has been canceled for this year, it wasn't an easy decision and Bill Webb had already put his time and work into setting a few things up and had the tickets printed but due to some of the major expenses that we have incurred recently such as the bankruptcy attorneys along with the number of arbitrations we have had and the upcoming negotiations in 2019 with Peoples Gas and DLC, it made sense to skip this year's party but I hope to see everyone next Christmas.

I want to thank all of the Reps and officers that have either helped or at least put up with some of the cost cutting's never easy cutting cost but I believe that it's necessary so we can keep fighting the company's for what we  believe is fair. Along with cutting cost you will see under new business a request for a dues assessment to the members.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote and especially the ones who voted for the labor friendly candidates and a special thanks for everyone who helped knock on doors, leaflet and make phone calls on their own time.

I want to wish all the members, retirees and their families a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

November 2018 Newsletter

Brothers and Sisters,

Well, the weather has changed but never changes enough to ride if we get a dry and clear day.

I hope you were all able to get out and see the changing of the leaves. I did but the colors of the leave were not a bright as in the past. They say we had to much rain.

The past month was a month filled with nice days and raining days but the MRC did an OPEN Club Ride to the Traveling Viet Nam Wall in Murrysville, PA. It was cold, but we really didn’t feel the cold and got to have a great ride and a great solidarity day for those who attended.

As the year is coming to an end, we find the month of November as a month where you can change the way our country is going by getting out Tuesday, Nov. 6th and VOTE. As we walked the Traveling Wall to honor those who gave the Ultimate Sacrifice for us to have the freedom to vote, we must vote to honor them and to make our country strong, and to make our country a better place for future brothers and sisters and their families and all American’s.

Also, Sunday, Nov. 11 is actually Veterans Day but Monday Nov. 12th is the actual day that those working will observe Veteran’s Day. So, make sure to “Thank A Vet”!!

Thanksgiving Day is Nov. 22nd so get your workouts in and drop a few pounds so you can eat until you cannot move Thanksgiving Day.

Hunters, be safe and aware of your surroundings and have a great and successful hunt.

Remember to mark your calendars for Saturday December 8th for our closing of the year MRC meeting at the Steak n Lube in Cranberry at noon. Please bring any rides we didn’t do that you would like to do or stories of rides you did this year to share with the club. We have several rides to discuss for 2019 that the club is looking into. So, come prepared to discuss rides and any other interests you might have for the club to do in 2019. We are only as strong as our membership.

Please invite any retired or active union member to the meeting. They are all welcome to attend and learn about your MRC.

Last but not least, don’t be surprised if we get a nice day and you get a text letting you know we are doing a lunch ride somewhere. It will not be a long ride just a short ride to lunch. You can drive your car to lunch if you want.

So, Vote, Thank a Veteran, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

In Solidarity,


Ride To Traveling Vietnam Wall

First, it was an Honor for all of us to ride alongside our Brother and Viet Nam Veteran Terry Schimmel.

The ride started at 10:30 where Harry, Will J and me met in Harmarville. We then rode to the Lowes Parking lot in Monroeville to meet up with Debbie and Terry.  We rode to the Murrysville Community Park where the Traveling Viet Nam Wall was presented. It was cold and wet and the temperature was 45*. While standing in front of the Wall, I didn’t feel the cold. Just an empty feeling looking at the names of all the men and women that gave the ultimate sacrifice for us. Those who served was 3,100,000. MIA was 1,802. Wounded was 153,303. Those that gave the ultimate sacrifice 58,253. The wall is something to behold. Walking from one end to the other end of the wall is 300 feet. The wall is actually 3/5 scale of the actual wall. Walking the wall and getting to meet those men and women who served and thanking them for their service was a really good feeling. Debbie and I had the opportunity to meet a fellow friend and Viet Nam Vet and member of Rolling Thunder Chapter #4 Fred Menzel and sharing the good times we both have had with Fred was awesome. We’ve known Fred for a long time.

They also had a Huey Helicopter brought in from West Virginia. They offered a ride for free to all vets and also included families for a donation of their choice. The donations went for the fuel for the copter. It was awesome to watch the operator buzz the tree lines and do maneuvers that he did in Nam. The owner/operator of the chopper was a 2 Bronze Start and a Silver Star recipient. Terry got the opportunity to ride again in this style helicopter. They had plenty of displays on hand for us to walk through and see items of the Viet Nam War from that era as well as any help vets may need and how to get it. Will J ran into an IBEW 29 retired veteran Jim Kirk and they walked along the wall together. Brother Jim worked at the Penn Hills Service Center where he retired as a lineman. 

Terry was gracious enough to share some of the stories he had while serving in Viet Nam and I thank him for that. It was a great visit and memories we all shared will last us a lifetime.

After the visit to the wall, we rode to Dick’s Diner on Rte.22 in Murrysville. We and a great lunch and had some good conversations with a few laughs. The ride was fun even though it was cold but I don’t believe any of us actually felt the cold. We were all dressed for the ride and that’s the part of riding is the most fun. The Journey. Getting together and share stories and laughing together. It doesn’t get better than that. That’s what Solidarity is all about!! To check out more photos from the ride please click here.

-Ken Jones

October 2018 Newsletter

Brothers and Sisters,

As the weather took a change for the worst with the rain in the month of October there was still some nice days for riding. Unfortunately for me, the riding was at a minimum for family reasons that kept me out of town.

Will J, Sam, and I did do an overnight ride to the Kinzua Skywalk. I hope you got to read about the ride on the IBEW Website? Great area to ride, but our trip was cut short when we woke up to rain.

If you do a ride, please write about it and take pictures and send it to me so I can get it on the union’s website.

The MRC was invited to ride with IBEW L.U. 141 out of West Virginia on Friday, September 21st. IBEW #5 also attended. It was great to have another IBEW from another state contact us about joining our local MRC for a ride. The MRC’s all met at the Wild Things Ball Field in Washington, Pa. Unfortunately, I was out of town and hoping to get a report and possible pictures of the ride.

We have an MRC “OPEN RIDE” to the Viet Nam Traveling Wall. The “Wall Ride”, is scheduled for Saturday, October 13th. I have sent out information for those who plan to attend to contact me so I can schedule a meeting site or sites for us all to meet. We will go to lunch afterward to Dick’s Diner on Rte. 22 in Murrysville. I’m waiting to hear from MRC members and our union brothers and sisters as to who will be attending. I need to have that information by Wednesday, October 10th.

Hopefully, we will be able to do a “Fall Ride” to Cooks Forest to see the beautiful colors this time of year. I will let you all know as soon as there is a date.

Don’t forget the last MRC meeting of the year will be Saturday, December 8th, at noon, at the Steak n Lube in Cranberry.

In Solidarity,


Vietnam VeteransThe Moving Wall -19 September 2018 in Cranberry Twp, PA

Brothers and Sisters,

Below is the e-mail the Patriot Guard sent me and I thought some of you might be interested in doing this ride. The Vietnam Traveling Wall is having an Escorted Ride that all motorcyclists are invited to do.

Will J and I did this ride last year. It was a large ride and rewarding ride to participate in. I do not know if I will be home for the ride. If so I will let you know but you can plan on doing this on your own. You will not be sorry.

They will have shirts, pins and other accessories you can purchase if you want as well. The MRC is still planning the ride on Saturday, October 13, TO THE WALL IN MURRYSVILLE.

Again, I might not be available for this ride either. I MIGHT STILL be out of town on family issues.

If I’m not home for this ride, Will J will be in touch. The plan was to meet and ride to the wall and then to Dick’s Diner (not far from the park) for lunch and after that something you all can decide if you want to do a ride after or not.

I hope you can do this above ride and be part of the feeling of the Wall and what it means.

In Solidarity,



Vietnam Veterans

The Moving Wall

19 September 2018

Cranberry Township,PA

The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to Escort The Moving Wall, replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

The Moving Wall is a 1/2 size replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC which has been touring the country for thirty plus years. 

When John Devitt attended the 1982 Dedication in Washington D.C., he felt the positive power of "The Wall" He vowed to share that experience with those who did not have the opportunity to go.

"The Wall" went on display for the first time in Tyler, Texas October 1984, and two structures of The Moving Wall now travel the USA from April through November "The Wall, To Honor and To Remember All Fallen Heroes lost and their sacrifices that were made during the Vietnam War.

Wednesday,19 September 2018

Staging:  11:00 AM

Victory Family Church

5804 21150 US 19

Cranberry Twp, PA 16066

Briefing: 11:15 AM

Wall Arrives at 12:00 PM

KSU: 1:00 PM

Diamond Park

S Main St, Butler, PA 16001

The Moving Wall will be set up on Thursday, 20 September at 9:00 AM, Opening Ceremony at 7:00 PM and "The Wall" will be displayed till Mon, 24 September, Closing Ceremony at 4:00 PM.

Members can attend all of a Mission or any part of the Mission. PGR sets no time for a Member to Stand and or Escort for a Mission. We Thank You for whatever time you give us, and the families of our Heroes appreciate your time.

Please Watch The Weather, Dress Accordingly, Hydrate & Bring Your 3X5 Handheld Flags.

IBEW 29 MRC Made History With Our First Club Labor Parade Ride

Yes, it was 100 degrees on the asphalt of the parade route. The parade started as planned at 10 AM and it was good for us that we didn’t have to start the bikes until we hit Grant Street. It was all downhill until to Grant Street.

IBEW 29 had a really good turnout and not just the members but family members as well. It’s good to see our members having their families involved in the union activities and see how great it is to be a union member.

Interacting with other unions in Solidarity. It was a great overall day and a super parade. I hope that those of you who could not make the Labor Day Event this year will put it on your calendar for next year! This parade is presented as a total union event with all Pittsburgh Unions coming in Solidarity and I invited all our union member motorcyclist to come and join the MRC in this ride.

Now, we ARE fully recognized by the union officials, but today the MRC is now seen by our union members as the MRC for the entire union. Thanks to Billy, Sam, Terry, Joe and Bob for joining me in this Solidarity Labor Day Event.

Make sure you check our site on the Union’s Web site and see the pictures of this event.

In Solidarity,


Kinzua Bridge Skywalk Ride

This weekend the MRC was to attend the Labor Day Parade in New Your City but as you know things happen and the ride event didn’t either.

So, Will J, Sam, and I decided to just get on the bikes and ride. Well, Sam had this ride he wanted to do and that was to go to the Kinzua Bridge Skywalk. Those of you who are not familiar with the Kinzua Bridge that on July 21, 2003, was struck by the force of nature by a Category 1 tornado which tore through the forest heading towards the viaduct. Rip up over hundreds of trees and 11 of the bridges 20 towers were lifted, torn and literally thrown to the valley’s floor. At the time of the incident, the bridge was under construction to repair and reinforce the bridge.

Later they found that the anchor bolts from 1882 and collar assemblies, which mated the old bolts to the later 1900 construction, had failed. I had the opportunity to actually walk across the bridge the previous year with a group of bikes that visited the park.

Well, the half of the actual bridge is still in tacked and a Skywalk, as it’s called, is built across the bridge's span that is standing still a sight to see below and around the site. The fallen towers are still lying where they fell in 2003. The park has grown to a really nice park and visitors center with an animated museum that tells you all about the bridge and its history. The Bridge itself was as tall as the Statue of Liberty of 301 feet. There are walking paths around the bridge above and below with different areas with site seeing devices to get a close look at the area.


When we left on Friday it was raining a little bit by the time we were on our way the sun was out and the weather was excellent for this ride. Going through the back roads of Pennsylvania to get there was nothing short of spectacular. Those of you who ride PA know just how pretty our state is. After the Kinzua visit and 234 miles, we ended up a Will J’s camp for the night. Getting up Saturday morning wasn’t fun to see the rain coming sown. So, the rest of the site seeing came to an end and we took off for home. Totaling 321 miles for the weekend.

If you have a ride or have done a ride, let me know so we can share it with our union brothers and sisters. Even pictures are welcome for the website.

Click here for more photos.

September 2018 Newsletter

Brothers and Sisters,

We just completed the Officer Brian Shaw Memorial Scholarship Ride and had a great time and a sad time remembering Officer Shaw. We have come to the end of the MRC’s Schedule for planned Charity Events. We do still have several planned rides we will be attending. September 8 we will be heading to New York City for the Labor Day Parade. IBEW MRC #3 had asked clubs at the International Ride to come and join them in their Labor Day Parade as a Solidarity Ride through NYC. Several club members are leaving on the 7th heading to NYC for the Solidarity event. Also, October 13 the MRC will be having an OPEN ride to the Traveling Vietnam Wall in Murrysville Park. The ride will be finalized after I see all the MRC members and any union members that might be attending to get a general gathering site for everyone. Then afterward we will go to Dick’s Diner in Murrysville on Route 22 for lunch. If there are any union members who do not have a motorcycle and just want to join us at the Wall, let me know so we can coordinate a time that we will get to the Wall and so we can all go see it together. You're also welcome to join us for lunch.

The MRC has done many Events this year and hope to continue to do fun rides and support the charity events in our communities and promote our union. If you know of any union members that are interested in joining the MRC have them contact the union hall or me and we’ll get them signed up. All you have to be is a member in good standing with the union and have a valid motorcycle license and naturally a motorcycle. Retirees are also welcome to join the MRC. We are a Motorcycle Riders Club (MRC) and are here for recreational, and educational riding and having fun.

Schools are getting back into the swing of things so BEWARE of SCHOOL ZONES and CROSSWALKS. Kids are just walking and some children might not be thinking of you on the road and just walking along talking with others, texting, on their phone, or just thinking of other things. So, drive/ride defensively!!

Our last MRC meeting for 2018 is Dec. 8th at noon at the Steak n Lube in Cranberry. See you all at the Labor Day Parade on Monday, September 3rd! 

In Solidarity,


Officer Brian Shaw Memorial Ride - August 18th

Brothers and Sisters,

Sunday, August 19th is the Officer Brian Shaw Memorial Scholarship Ride. Registration begins at 8:30 and Kick Stands up at 10 AM. Those interested in riding in this charity event PLEASE contact me so I know who will be attending.

The gathering site for the club will be in the K Mart parking lot on Tarentum Bridge Road just across the Tarentum Bridge.

Traveling Route 28 to Exit 14 to Tarentum, this is Bull Creek Road.

Heading North 28 - Get off Exit 14 at the bottom of the hill keep left and go straight.

Heading South 28 - turn left at the bottom of exit at the stop sign and head straight towards Tarentum.

Keep going straight and you will see the Tarentum bridge as you start coming down a small hill.  

From Exit 14 you will go less than a ½ mile to the Tarentum Bridge.

Cross the Tarentum Bridge to the 1st Red Light.

Then continue to the 2nd Red Light and turn LEFT into the K Mart Parking lot.

We need to meet there at 8:30 AM. We’re about 5 minutes from the Registration site at Valley High School. I hope we can have a good showing of our MRC for this event. This is the LAST IBEW 29 MRC Charity ride of this Riding Season!

In Solidarity,


New York Labor Day Solidarity Parade - September 8th

Saturday, September 8th is the Labor Day/Solidarity Ride in New York City. IBEW L. U. 3 has invited all the IBEW Riders Club to attend. Brother Sam Houpt has made 2 room reservation for me and Will J and we are leaving on Friday to go to New Jersey just across the Hudson from NYC.

Our game plan is to do the ride and go to the Billy Joel Motorcycle Museum after the ride. The Solidarity ride is about 45 minutes tops down Broadway. If you plan on going YOU MUST BE SURE YOUR PAPERWORK IS IN PROPER ORDER ON YOU BIKE!!!!

The police really come down on motorcyclist up there. We will be staying outside New York afterward where Will J is taking care of that.

Let me know if your planning on attending and I will have the information from Sam where we are staying. YOU MUST make your reservations ASAP!!!

We will be riding along with members from L. U. 5 also.

In Solidarity,


IBEW 29 MRC Bylaws and Club Information

Happy to see your interest in  Joining the IBEW 29 Motorcycle Riders Club.

Please read the bylaws thoroughly and let me know if there are any questions.

The club membership is $25.00 a year. The money is used for the charities we support throughout the year. As you read the By-Laws there are club patches that we wear and they are also an item you can purchase if you’d like. The cost of the patches is $100.00. The patches belong to the union so if you leave the club the patches must be returned to the club/union. (read this in the by-laws)

If you would like to have the patches there are 4 of them. I can order them if you want them. Our next Club meeting will be December 8th at the Steak n Lube in Cranberry Twp. at noon.

We have two club charity rides this month. This Saturday, August 11th, we have the Veteran’s Place Event in New Kensington.

We will be meeting at the Denny’s Parking lot in New Kensington just across the Tarentum Bridge. (north 29 Tarentum exit. Go right and straight across the Tarentum bridge and go 100 yards past the first light off the bridge and Denny’s is on the right. We will meet at 9:30. Then Sunday, August 19th is the Officer Brian Shaw Memorial Ride. We will be meeting at the same location since this ride is in Lower Burrell.

Download the MRC bylaws.

IBEW 29 MRC August Newsletter

July has come and gone so quickly it seemed like it was only one week.  The club has done 3 different Charity Event rides the past month. The Shriners Children’s Hospital Run, the IBEW International Ride in Morgantown, and recently the Blue Ride with the Blue Knights. All 3 rides were great rides and we definitely made an impression on the Ride Officers. Thank you, all of you that participated in these 3 ride events.

Thank you to the Union and Especially Business Manager Kenn Bradley, Assistant Business Manager/President Glen Camp and our own member Brother Vic Fiore for passing out over 500 bottles of water to all the union members participating in the International ride. We were acknowledged by the International for our generosity and there was a definite need for water on this ride.

The ride was just a little of 100 miles and a very in sync ride at that. I feel one of the best rides yet, Safety definitely was taken into consideration. Most of the ride was through the scenic hills of West Virginia around Cheat Lake. The Lakeview Resort really treated us well. Free Breakfast every day we were there and not just a buffet but a real chef making you whatever omelet or waffle you wanted.

The rain found a route around us the better part of the ride as well as the weekend. We did have a few raindrops but nothing really mentioning. The Shriners ride, an escorted ride, was also a well-planned out ride that took us to Keystone Lake and back. Great ride. Food was excellent also.

Sunday the 29th was the Blue Ride. This ride is held by the Blue Knights. It was a great ride also around 94 miles through the countryside, escorted as well, so no stopping except for a 44-mile rest stop at Fort Cherry High School. This ride is always the last Saturday in July.

The month of August has several Charity Rides I plan on doing. August 11th is the Homeless Vet’s Ride for the Veteran’s Place on Washington Blvd. in Pittsburgh. The Veteran’s Place gives 97 Cents of every dollar directly to the veteran’s they are trying to help. I will be sending out the flyer on this ride. Also, the Officer Brian Shaw Memorial Ride on August 19th. Flyer to be sent soon.

At the IBEW Ride, we discuss the meeting in December. It will be at the Steak N Lube in Cranberry. December 8th at noon. Anyone interested in a club ride please contact Wil J and let him know what you have in mind so you can set up such a ride.

Last but not least a CLUB RIDE to the Viet Nam Traveling Wall, Saturday, October 13th at the Murrysville Park. Details to follow. Any questions Call, text, or email me.

In Solidarity,


Click here to download.

Annual Blue Ride

Brothers and Sisters,

The below attachment is for the Annual Blue Ride. Blue Knights Pa Chapter XVI and Washington Lodge No. 164 F&AM Sunday, July 29th.

Preregistration’s OPEN until July 20th.

Reregistration cost:  $20.00 Single and $30.00 Rider and Passenger

Check made out to – “BLUE RIDE FUND”


Mail to:

P.O. Box 422

Eighty-Four, PA 15330



North Strabane Twp.

Volunteer Fire Department

Rt. 19 Canonsburg

From: 9 AM to 11 AM – “DAY OF THE RIDE”

Cost: $25.00 Single and $35.00 Rider and Passenger

For more information call – Dave Richards at 724-263-6218 or

Check out the attachment for any more questions you might have. I will be attending this event and it is special with local union people on the committee. I hope the IBEW L.U. 29 MRC can make a good showing.

Download flyer

Northside Constables Charity Ride

Brothers and Sisters,

Wow, 90’s today and throughout the weekend. Looks like a great weekend to ride. Another Charity ride has come up and we were asked to attend.

I spoke to L. U. 5’s President and he was called about the ride and who union wise will be attending. He was asked if he could get everyone that is attending their TEE Shirt size so they have them for us.

So, I need everyone who is going to send, text, or call me with their shirt size.  BY THIS SUNDAY NIGHT!! I am definitely riding in this event so I hope some or all of you can join me.

This is the 3rd annual event for this charity.

Date:  Saturday, July 14th

Time: Ride starts at 10 AM


Allegheny County Courthouse

436 Grant Street

Pittsburgh, Pa 15219

So PLEASE let me know your tee shirt size by Sunday night so I can turn that in on Monday morning.

In Solidarity,


Veteran's Place Charity Ride - August 11th

Brothers and Sisters,

I was just sent this information about the Veteran’s Place on Washington Blvd, Pittsburgh. Some of you may remember we did this ride 2 years ago and it was the first time for this charity event and we cleaned house on the prizes. Brother Bill Lentz has asked if we could come to this event again. 

I am not proposing this event as a club sponsored event but if any club members or IBEW 29 members would like to go to this to let me know and we could set up a meeting place for us to all meet.

This is a good event with 90+% of all funds going directly to the veterans. The Ride is August 11th. Registration is at 8 AM with the ride leaving at exactly 10:15.

The start is at the VFW Post 92

1601 Wild Life Lodge Road

New Kensington, Pa 15068

Call Dean with any questions @ 412-853-5589

Cost is $25.00 for Rider and $20.00 for Passenger

I’m planning on doing this ride and I hope some or all of you can join me.

In Solidarity,


Scholarship Ride for Officer Brian Shaw

I was made aware of this Scholarship Ride being developed for Officer Brian Shaw. I am Pre-registered for this ride and hoping that all my union brothers and sisters can make this charity event.

Date:  August 19, 2018






If you print out the Pre-registration form and want to send in your registration:

Send to:

Officer Brian Shaw Memorial Scholarship Fund

P.O. Box 2052

Lower Burrell, Pa 15068

Make checks to – Officer Brian Shaw Memorial Fund

The ride starts out at Valley High School and ends at the VFW in Natrona Heights. (same site of the Homeless Vets Ride)

If you don’t want to do the ride:

You can purchase a ticket online to the event at the VFW which starts at 12 noon and goes on until 7 PM. Any questions call me (412-523-8920) or the Brian Shaw Helpline at 724-339-7681. Make sure your bike is in good condition (T-CLOCK) and Ride Safe.

In Solidarity,


May 2018 News Letter

Brothers and Sisters,

As April finally comes to an end, we hope the rain goes with it. We have a few up and coming events.

May 11th thru the 20th – Murrell’s Inlet Bike Week (used to be Myrtle Beach Bike Week)

May 18th thru the 21st IBEW 99 & 2323’s Charity Ride in Cranston, R. I.

So far, the only club ride scheduled is for Tuesday, May 1st as a Club Lunch Ride to Lutz’s Leather. But no other rides are scheduled at this time but you will be notified if one comes up. Anyone interested in putting a club ride together contact me or Will J. If you haven’t got your room for the IBEW International Charity Ride in Morgantown, W.V. you’d better get it done ASAP.

Homeless Vets Ride (June 10th) registrations are due SOON!! I need your registration and money so I can send our club’s registration in for our club to get the recognition for attending and donating.

I will be sending out the registration forms for the Shriner’s Children Hospital Charity Ride and the Kane Foundation Charity Ride soon. (July 8th – 15th)

Even though the Tee Shirt Fund Raiser is over members can order any of the Tee’s we sold any time. I have it from our printer she can do them for us.I hope we can get a member to put together a ride for this month.  I know Will J and myself will be attending Murrell’s Inlet Bike Week and the Cranston’s Charity events but any member can put together a ride.

Remember to invite any union member to any of our rides. They are all welcome on all open club rides as well as club meetings. If there is anyone interested in the club have them give me a call. Check out club information or club rides on the IBEW #29 Web Site.

In Solidarity,


June 10th Homeless Vets Ride Photos

The IBEW L.U. 29 MRC (Motorcycle Riders Club) has participated in several charity rides this year. We did a charity ride May 22 for the Marine Corp Battalion in West View at the West View VFW April 20th, and on May 20th in Cranston Rhode Island for IBEW 99 Charity Ride Event, then this past Sunday we did The Homeless Veteran’s Ride in Natrona Heights at the VFW.

This ride is a great ride that has been around for 13 years or so. 100% of all money raised goes directly to the Homeless Veterans. Father Mike attends these events and he is solely responsible for going out there thru all adversity to help our homeless veterans. This is a great ride and I’m hoping that we can get the support of all the unions in the greater Pittsburgh Area to come and support such an event.

For more photos from the event please click here.

June 2018 Newsletter - Where does time go?

Brothers and Sisters,

Well June has come and we’re in half of it already. Where does the time go?

Will J, Sam, Vic, and myself went to Cranston, Rhode Island for the IBEW 99 & 2323 Charity

Ride. We left for a nice cruise through Pennsylvania on Friday, May 18th . Woke up Saturday only

to find the rain and fog was very present while we traveled through the country roads in New

Jersey. It took us 7 hours to do an easy 4-hour ride to Cranston. We were able to go to the

Barbeque Saturday night before the Sunday ride. We were treated with open arms by all the

clubs that made the ride. I felt they couldn’t believe we made it to their charity event. Sunday

was great weather and Monday was also great weather for the long ride home.

Sunday, June 10 th the club road in the Homeless Vets Charity Ride. As all of you know Sunday

morning it rained until 8 then the weather broke and we did the ride without any rain. Actually,

the sun came out around 3. The best part of this charity is that 100% of the money raised went

directly to the veterans.

Johnstown’s, Thunder in the Valley is coming up June 21 st to Sunday the 24th. I am planning a

ride there on Saturday weather permitting. If anyone is interested in going I MUST know by

June 17th .

Also, your Pre-registration form for the Shriners Ride on July 8th is due by Saturday, May 23rd. Remember to make your check out to IBEW 29 MRC. Last year we didn’t register as a club and

would have won for the most entered by an organization.

Will J’s planning on a really nice cruise to Morgantown for the IBR+EW Charity Ride. If you’re

interested in going along with us, you need to contact Will J at the number above.

Remember to check out you BIKE CLUB news on the IN+BEW 29 web site.

Ride Safe and Often.

In Solidarity,


Homeless Vets Ride - Sunday June 10th

Next Sunday, June 10th is the Homeless Vets Ride. As you all know this is an IBEW 29 MRC event and it’s a great charity our club donated to.

Since I live across the street from the VFW here in Natrona Heights (894 Veterans Way, Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania 15065) and our Registration is taken care of you, have enough time to arrive at your convenience.

Registration starts at 9 to 11. So if you haven’t registered and still want to attend please come and join us. Also, if you do come, let me know so our club can get recognition for your attendance. If anyone would like to come early and meet for breakfast, there is an excellent restaurant about 1/8 of a mile from the ride. It's called the Freedom Square Dinner.

I would be happy to see any or all of you there. Just let me know and I will get there and get us a table. They open at 7 AM.

Also, Thunder in the Valley is the week of June 21st thru the 24th. If anyone is interested in riding there with me, I'm planning on going there Saturday morning.

Let me know ASAP by Monday the 18th so I can plan a meeting site. Have a great and safe week and I’ll see you next Sunday.

In Solidarity,


Upcoming Rides

April 22nd -  Three Rivers Leatherneck Detachment 310 – MARINE CORPS  LEAGUE, Benefits their Outreach Projects

We are planning a club ride and as we get closer to the ride I will have the meeting time and place.

The weather forecast is a high of 62* with a 20% chance of precipitation. If the weather changes and goes bust we will still attend this charity but I guess will have to drive to it and meet there.

Location is the VFW in West View – It’s a Pasta Dinner.

386 Perry Highway

Pittsburgh, Pa 15229

April 29th – Blessing of the Bikes at ST. Michaels Parish, Windham, Ohio

Meeting at the Teamsters Hall in Lawrenceville at 9 AM

Leave to ride to Sheetz:  9002 University Blvd. Coraopolis, PA 15108

This ride is on the 2018 Union Ride Schedule – Great ride and nice to meet other Union MRC’S members.

Recently the Union has put our own icon on the union website so check it out.  BIKE CLUB

Riders Club - April 2018 Newsletter

As March leaves us with this cold and raining month let’s hope the month of April is weather friendly. It was a great turn out for the March 24th General Meeting.

I would like to Welcome Mark Vandenbord to the IBEW 29 Motorcycle Riders Club. We would like to have all IBEW motorcyclist come and join us at a meeting or look on the unions' website for our 2018 Riders Calendar and join in a club ride.

The month of April has several rides for us and the first ride planned is for Sunday, April 22nd. This ride is for the Marine Corps League being held at the VFW in West View. The event is a Pasta Dinner being held from Noon until 6 PM. This event is for the Three Rivers Leathernecks Detachment 310 to benefit their Outreach Projects. The club will be attending this event with a planned ride, weather permitting, or the club meeting there. Either way, we will be attending this Charity Event. If you would like to join us contact me. All club members will be notified of the details of the ride. Second is the Blessing of the Bikes at St. Michaels Church in Windham, Ohio. This ride will be held on Sunday, April 29th. Rain or Shine. We will be meeting at the Teamster’s Hall in Lawrenceville at 8:45 leaving at 9 AM. We will then travel to the Sheetz in Moon Twp. on University Blvd arriving at 9:45 leaving at 10 AM. 

For those who cannot make this Blessing, there is the Blessing at the Murrysville Alliance Church on Sunday, April 15th.

The Club Fund Raiser came to an end March 31st. Those who ordered a shirt(s) will be receiving them shortly. To all who purchased a shirt “Thank you” for the support of the club.

Don’t forget to thoroughly check your motorcycle before riding it. If you store your bike over the winter the time off the road can have an effect on your ride. Do the TCLOKS inspection: T – Tires & Wheels C – Controls L – Lights and Electrics O – Oil and Other Fluids C – Chassis S – Stands.

Most importantly, if you are planning a trip, make sure your tires can handle the long haul to and from your destination. Nothing worse than riding on wet roads with low tread on your tires.

The IBEW International Ride in Morgantown is in July from the 20th to July 22nd. There is still time to get a room close by. The Host hotel, I was told, is totally booked. Check out the IBEW web Site for details. If you are going and would like to join the club for a nice cruise to Morgantown, let me know, so I can add you to the club list of riders. Details to follow.

May 20th Charity Ride to Cranston Rhode Island to support IBEW 99 and 2323’s charity event may be a few months away but rooms will be had to come by. The local college graduation is that same weekend. We have a group going, so if you are interested in joining us let me know. We will be leaving on Friday, May 18th so we can have a nice long cruise to Cranston.

The riding season is upon us so lets all have a great and safe time.

In Solidarity,

Ken Jones


IBEW #29 Motorcycle Riders Club


2018 Riding Schedule

Click here to download the 2018 Riding Schedule

Marine Corps League Pasta Dinner

Marine Corps League, Pasta Dinner - Food prepared by Monte Cello’s Restaurant, Cake from Lincoln Bakery included

When: Sunday, April 22, 2018 - Noon to 6 p.m.

Where: West View VFW Post 2754 Hall

Advance sale tickets Preferred

(Tickets can be purchased at the door)


$10 for adults

$8 for children ages 6-12

Children under 6 eat for free

50/500 Raffle, Quilt Raffle and Chinese Auction/Basket Raffle

Proceeds benefit the outreach projects of

Three Rivers Leatherneck Detachment 310 Marine Corps League

Donations Gratefully Accepted

Tickets may be purchased by contacting:

Matt Popovich 724-348-6535

Bob Timet 412-369-5188

Gerry Kunic 412-874-6186

March 2018 Motorcycle Club T-Shirt Fundraiser/Membership Drive

T-Shirt Fundraiser

Help us sell shirts to anyone who wants one. Each person needs their own order form filled out and a check or cash paid in full before sending it into the union hall or giving it back to you. Please make checks payable to “STITCH IT UP”. After the order forms are collected, the union hall and the club will get them to our printer and they should be ready for the end of March at the latest. If you sell a t-shirt we can do 2 things.  

  1. Get the shirt to you to get it to the buyer or
  2. If they work for Duquesne Light we can send their shirt through the company mail.

When the T-Shirts are completed we will need help at the union hall packing the shirts and getting them ready to be put into the company mail. As discussed at the December meeting we will be using this money for the different charities and charity rides and club events like we have done in the past. This is a great way to give a club donation to the charities that we participate in.

Please read the Flyer below for the t-shirt cost and how the costs break down for the individual ordered t-shirts.

It's important that we do really well with this Fund Raiser for the club.

March Membership Drive

The month of March is also our membership drive where you as a member can ask any union Brother and Sister to come and join the club. The March meeting date is still TBD. After we get the March Meeting date you can invite anyone interested to come and see how the club operates.

Everyone should have a copy of the by-Laws and be able to discuss the club rules and how we offer a lot of good opportunities to not only ride together but give back to charity.

Unfilled Officer Positions

We still need an Unfilled Officer position. The officers' positions open are as follows - Public Relations Officer, Road Captain, and Secretary-Treasurer.

If you’re interested in any of these positions please let me know. Anything you need call me at 412-523-8920. Thank You for the continued support of your club.

In Solidarity


Motorcycle Club Dues - January Newsletter

The New Year is here and we’re already getting into the riding season scheduling. Will J and I have a Pittsburgh Union 2018 Ride Schedule meeting this Saturday. We will be meeting with all the local union riding clubs to discuss setting up the 2018 Ride Schedule.

It will take several meeting to get this together and then I will send it out to all of you. Being it’s the start of the New Year your Club Dues are due the end of the month. Please send me your dues money when you can. The dues haven’t changed its $25.00 per member.

It looks like the February meeting will be moved to March since we probably won’t have all the information of the January meetings put together. Will J and I have the January 20th meeting in Scranton, PA for the National IBEW Club Meeting. Don’t forget the IBEW Charity Ride is in Morgantown W.V. July 20th thru the 23rd.

The hotel is:

Lakeview Golf and Spa Resort

1 Lakeview Dr.

Morgantown W.V. 


Also, March is the month we are actively looking for our Union Brothers and Sisters who would like to join the Local Union #29 Riding club.

Naturally any union member(s) can come on our OPEN Club rides, or any of the 2018 Riding Schedule rides, and become a member of the club anytime throughout the year, but March is the only Month the club will be actively asking our union brothers and sister to come to the March meeting to see what the club is all about. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to mention any union member to join a ride or the club. If you have any union brother or sister interested in joining, PLEASE, invite them to the March Club Meeting or any Open Club Ride or Club Meeting.

I will have the meeting date next week for March after Will J and I get together this weekend. I was also informed by our Business Manager Kenn Bradley that he would post our activities schedule on the Union’s website so I will be sending our information to the union monthly.

If you have a ride or event you would like to have on the site please get it to me ASAP so I can get it to Kenn and have it put on the website. We are off and running for this year so I need you to get involved in letting the club know what you would like to do this year.

I hope to have more Club rides which will be for members only, like the Flight 93 ride we had. I know the club will be attending the IBEW L.U. 99 Charity Ride in Cranston, Rhode Island. It’s the second weekend of May. I will meet with L.U. 99’s Ride coordinator at the National meeting on the 20th. I will have the hotel where we will be staying after meeting Joe.

So, we have a lot of planning to do so please let me know what you would like the club to do this year. Stay warm and try not to get the flu’s like I have had for the past 2 weeks.

2018 East Coast Motorcycle Ride

The IBEW East Coast Motorcycle Ride will take place on Saturday, July 21, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. in Morgantown, West Virginia. This year the ride is designed to bring awareness to Multiple Myeloma. Half of the registration fees collected will be donated to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

The registration fee is $35.00 per participant. You may register online by visiting and selecting the IBEW East Coast Motorcycle Ride icon. You may want to register early as there is a limit to the number of riders to maintain a safe ride.

The IBEW East Coast Ride sign-in will be held Friday, July 20, from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday, July 21, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at the Lakeview Golf Resort & Spa, One Lakeview Drive, Morgantown, West Virginia 26508. The Lakeview Golf Resort & Spa will serve as the starting point of the ride.

The IBEW reserved a block of rooms on a first come, first served basis from Thursday, July 19, through Sunday, July 22, 2018, at the Hilton Garden Inn Morgantown, 150 Suncrest Towne Centre Drive, Morgantown, West Virginia 26505. The room rates start at $119.00, plus tax. You can contact the Hilton Garden Inn Morgantown at (304) 225-9500 to make a reservation or stay outside the reserved dates. To reserve your room online visit Hilton Garden Inn Morgantown.

Updates on the ride will be posted on and If you are unable to attend but would like to donate to the cause, please visit


IBEW 29 Motorcycle Club: Happy New Year, I Hope 2018 is Our Best Year Yet!

2017 was the first full year of the IBEW 29 Motorcycle Riders Club. We had quite a few rides, but room for plenty more. We rode to Ohio for the Blessing of the Bikes. We Did 3 charity rides, Homeless Vets, Veteran’s Homeless Ride, and the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital Run. We also did the IBEW International Charity Ride which was held at Canaan Valley Resort in West Virginia. We had a club ride to Flight 93 and several other rides that led us to several restaurants for lunch. Lunch at the Foxburg Inn was a great ride for one of the open club rides. We hope to plan more this year and look forward to more of our union brothers and sisters joining us.

This January we will be meeting with all Pittsburgh Local Union Motorcycle Riders clubs to put together the Riding Schedule for 2018. This will be on the union’s website if you ever want to join us or ride with the other union’s rides. The International Ride will be held in July, the 20th through the 22nd in Morgantown W.V. If you’re interested in going, go to the International web site for details. If you plan on going and would like to ride with our club, contact me or Will J. Demshar. We will be leaving early Friday morning, the 20th, for a nice and enjoyable ride to Morgantown. We will be returning on the 22nd. This is a great charity event.

In March, we will be having a Club Fund Raiser by selling Motorcycle Club IBEW 29 T-Shirts. Details to follow. I will have a sample of the T-Shirt at the January and February meetings.

Also, March will be our clubs membership drive for the opportunity for our union Brothers and Sisters that want to belong to the IBEW 29 Motorcycle Riders Club. If you interested in joining the club, please contact me or Will J. Demshar or Sam Houpt at the below numbers. You can join the club throughout the year but March is the only active membership drive from the club.

All union members are welcome at all our club rides, just check out the schedule and show up. Starting times for the rides are strict as far as the Riders meeting and Kickstands up and leaving on time. So please be on time for all the scheduled rides.

We have room for all riders, new or experienced and will glad to assist all new riders on how to ride in a group ride. If you have any questions just call me or Will J. Demshar before the ride so we can meet with you before the ride begins.

Your club looks forward to meeting all our union Brothers and Sisters interested in joining the club. We will be having a club meeting in February, though it’s not scheduled yet. The Club does meet quarterly throughout the year. With the 2018 Riding Scheduling and the IBEW International Club Meeting in January, we want to make sure we have all the information on hand before our February club meeting.

Any questions please call me or either of the other 2 officers.

Ride Often and Ride Safe!

In Solidarity,
Ken Jones

Kenneth Jones, President
121 Oak Manor Drive
Natrona Heights, PA 15065

Will J. Demshar, Vice President

Sam Houpt, Sergeant at Arms

Another riding season is about over/Club Meeting Agenda

Brothers and Sisters,


Well, another riding season is about over. Yes, I said about over, there still the New Year’s Day Ride in many locations. Mine is at Three Rivers Harley Davidson and it's called the “Polar Bear Run”.


Brother Will J and I will be hoping to attend again this New Year. The Club is having a year closing meeting at the Smokey Bones restaurant in the Pittsburgh Mills Restaurant area on Saturday, December 16th at noon. I hope you can all attend.


f you have a Union Member interesting in joining the club this would be a perfect time to invite them to hear about the club. Will J and I will be attending an IBEW Club Meeting for all IBEW Clubs in Scranton, Pa on Jan 20th. We will also attend in January the Teamsters Horsemen’s JOINT UNION CLUB MEETING at the Horsemen’s union hall in Lawrenceville for the 2018 Riding Schedule for all the union clubs in the Pittsburgh Area. This meeting is for all the union clubs to present their ride(s) for the 2018 Riding Season. This is so the club ride dates don’t overlap, then we can all try to attend and support these different union club events.


After these 2 meetings, I will schedule our first club meeting in 2018. If you have a place/restaurant you would like to hold the next meeting at, please let me know ASAP. It must be on a Saturday.


Hopefully I will see you all soon.


In Solidarity,



Club Meeting Agenda




Review of the Club’s business/activities in 2017


Club’s rides in 2018 – If you have a ride you would like to do bring it up.


Charity rides in 2018:

  • Pittsburgh Joint Union Charity Rides? (2018 Joint Ride Schedule)
  • *Homeless Vet’s Ride - Natrona Heights (June)
  • *Shriners Children’s Hospital Charity Ride – (July)
  • If you have a charity you would like the club to support - Bring it up with details and date(s) I must have it for the January Joint Club Ride Scheduling Meeting

IBEW Charity rides:

  • IBEW L.U. 99 Charity Ride in Cranston, Rhode Island (May)
  • IBEW International Charity Ride Morgantown W.V. (July)

March is our Club Membership Recruitment throughout the month of March for all union members - discussion


Club Fund Raiser (March?) for the club and why we’re having the fundraiser.


For the “Good of the Club” – Discussions




Note – You can also pay your club membership dues at this time if you’d like.

Click here to download the agenda

2017 Was and Could Possibly Still be a Good Riding Season

Brothers and  Sisters,

Even though the weather is changing and night time is coming sooner and it's getting colder there is still some riding to be done. I know myself and Will J will be doing a New Year’s Day ride for sure and possibly a Christmas Ride could also be in the near future if we get a break in the weather. It could be a quick planned ride but I don’t park my bike for the winter and neither does Will J. So don’t be surprised if you see a ride planned in the near future.

We had some good rides and memories made. I would like for you to think about a ride you would like to do next year so, at the January Club meeting, we can talk about your choice of ride you would like to do. If you did any charity rides that the club was not involved in bringing it to the table for discussion.

We do have 2 for sure rides next year. The Charity ride in Rhode Island which is the second weekend in May and the IBEW ride in Morgantown, WV. July 21st. Will J and I will be going to the meeting(s) with all the Union Rider’s Clubs in January for the start of the 2018 Riding Schedule.

I hope to have a luncheon gathering soon to just have fun.

We tried to do the Lutz’s Leather ride and lunch at Shakespeare’s.  Maybe that could happen.

Maybe Vic will finally get his vest done! (haha)

The month of March will be our campaign for recruitment of new members. Also the possibility of our first fundraiser with the selling of our MRC Non-Member Tee Shirts. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you all if possible at our next luncheon gathering. Ride when you can and be safe doing it.

In Solidarity,


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