Mission statement

IBEW 3RD District Veterans Committee Draft Mission Statement Founded in 2019, the IBEW 3rd District Veterans Committee was established to assist, provide guidance to, and support IBEW local unions in building veterans committees designed to mentor young veterans and bring veterans issues to the forefront of the IBEW. The efforts of this committee bring together the house of labor, the veteran community at large, IBEW members who are veterans, and local union leadership to improve lives in the community and livelihoods of the IBEW workforce. The IBEW 3rd District Veterans Committee seeks to organize individual local union committees in order to facilitate and connect community organizations with IBEW 3rd District local unions to recruit and promote the hiring of veterans within the electrical industry. Local union committees can provide the means for educational and social activities to strengthen the connections between military veteran IBEW members, encourage committee members to be more fully informed about economic and political issues that affect them, and foster their relationships with established union members and local union leadership. Tom Kelley IBEW 3rd District Veterans Committee Chair

IBEW 29 Veterans Committee

I.B.E.W. 29, in conjunction with multiple locals from the 3RD district have established the first ever Veterans Committee focused on taking care of our current veteran members as well as offering great jobs for veterans who are in search of viable employment.

As the committee continues to develop we will be looking for feedback from veterans so we know what is important to them. Whether it's ideas to recruit, volunteer suggestions or feedback on what VA benefits we should be researching. Success is dependent on members participation so please sign up to get updates and give us feedback on what is important to you.

Contact the Union Hall to get added to the email for updates and volunteer opportunities! 412-922-6969 dhonick@ibew29.org ahonick@ibew29.org