July Union Meeting - July 13, 2022

** I.B.E.W. LOCAL 29 **


July 13, 2022

Monthly Union Meeting Notice



Location: Carpenters Hall:

650 Ridge Road, Pittsburgh, PA  15205

Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Time: 7:30 P.M.


   Food and Beverages will be at the meeting.


If additional directions needed, ask another member or call the Hall at 412-922-6969.



A look back at 2021

A Look Back at 2021


   The ill effects of COVID were still in full stride as everyone tried to adjust their everyday lives so they could function as normal as possible, this included how Company’s and Union’s conducted business. Virtual meetings continued to be the new normal with many employees working from home, and even though myself, Glenn and Becky came into the Union Hall every day, we did limit visitors for most of the year. As vaccines became available and once, we were fully vaccinated we allowed more visitors but still somewhat limited.

In January we started contract negotiations with Energy Harbor (EH) for our members that work at the Little Blue Run. The contract was to expire February 15th which we had to extend until the beginning of April in order to come to an agreement and have the members ratify the contract. It is a 3-year contract with a wage increase of up to 15% and no less than 9.9% over those 3 years due to job restructuring. The pension was frozen in exchange for what I call an enhanced 401K in which the company will contribute up to 9% depending on age and years of service plus a match up to 6% of what the employee contributes. There was also a signing bonus included of $7,750.

While we were negotiating with EH we also needed to start contract negotiations with Port Authority (PA) as that contract was set to expire on April 30th. The negotiations with PA were all held virtually, and that contract had to be extended as well until the end of May when it was ratified by the membership. There were zero take aways in this 2-year agreement and 2.75% wage increase each year along with improved short term disability benefit, retiree life insurance and few other improvements on working conditions.

Also, in January we were preparing for an upcoming arbitration with DLC over how a member was placed on a new job due to an injury in which we did not agree how it was handled. The Company decided to settle rather than go to arbitration, so we were able to have the Company agree to make that employee whole for lost wages and expenses which was a good win without arbitrating.

During March while we had contract negotiations going on we were also meeting with DLC to work on a Switching Dispatcher MOU, and we were able to come to an agreement and had the MOU ratified by the affected members. Some of the Dispatchers received an increase in pay by about $10,000 a year along with a $7,500 retention bonus and an agreement on a 12-hour schedule that they wanted. The Dispatchers also received back pay for turnover time going back to January of 2020, which in total was over $100,000 paid out by the Company.

April was another busy month, as we negotiated Port Authorities contract, we also started preparing for the Beaver Valley contract negotiations with EH and started negotiating a Work From home MOU with DLC.  A few other things during April include a member was terminated from EH Little Blue Run for stealing from the Bruce Mansfield Plant. We had an arbitration hearing for a member that worked at DLC as a Sr Operator and was terminated for sleeping and not responding to a trouble call for an extended period of time. We received an arbitration award for an arbitration that was held last August for a member that worked at Beaver Valley and was terminated, the termination was upheld which was very disappointing since we felt we should have won that case.

In the Underground department at DLC there was a very serious accident and injury in which the member was severely burned by an arch flash, thanks to the crew working with that member they probably saved his life. This accident was through no fault of the employee’s working on the job as OSHA did an investigation and sited the Company. I thank that crew for the quick action that they all took, and they were recognized by the International by awarding them the IBEW Life Saving Award at the December Union Meeting, great work by all of them.

In June we were notified that Cheswick Power Station would be shutting down in September and we requested to do effects bargaining with GenOn, to try and get some improvements for those members working at Cheswick. We continued to prepare for BV negotiations and at the same time negotiate a WFH MOU with DLC. We also were preparing for an arbitration hearing for another terminated member from BV, the arbitration was scheduled for July 8, 2021. During the last few months, we have had meetings with most of the Companies over their COVID protocols and vaccine incentive programs.

June 6th we held our annual golf outing at Blackhawk golf course, the weather was great, and I think everyone was glad to get out and have a good time. I don’t think we had any golf carts damaged either which I am glad to report.

In July GenOn told us that the Cheswick closing is being pushed back to April 2022, we continued to negotiate over the effects of it closing but also needed to try and get some type of retention offer for employees to stay and operate the Plant until April.

On July 8th the arbitration was held for the terminated member from BV, we knew it was going to a tough case to win but we thought we had a chance and our Attorney put on the best case possible. We received the Arbitrator’s award at the end of November 2021 and the termination was upheld by the Arbitrator. We are in the process of picking an arbitrator and getting dates for an arbitration on healthcare cost and what the Company (EH) is contributing at Beaver valley.

We picked an arbitrator with DLC over job erosion of the MAMS department and the use of contractors, we had a date of December 21, 2021 for the arbitration.

In August we started contract negotiations with EH for the Beaver Valley contract, while still working with DLC on a WFH MOU and also a Remote Reporting MOU for field workers so they could report closer to home.

In August we also received the arbitration award for the Sr Operator that was terminated from DLC for sleeping (case was heard in April) we lost this one even though we made the best case possible to try and get his job back.

OSHA was on DLC property to investigate a complaint filed by someone that had to do with energizing lines while we had personnel in a manhole, this ties in with the Underground department accident that happened in April.

On September 30th we met with the members that work at BV to take a strike authorization vote which passed overwhelmingly and gave us the support and leverage we needed to push the Company to give us the improvements that we needed to have a fair contract. The membership ratified the contract in the middle of October. It was a 3 year agreement with wage increases of 3.75% each year along with $3500 lump sum payment each year of the contract. We did agree to freeze the pension in exchange for what I call an enhanced 401K which in the long run could be better than a pension.

For the members at Port Authority, we came to an agreement that would allow the Customer Service Reps to work from home and we are trying to expand that to other departments.

At DLC we picked an arbitrator for a grievance that deals with how the company considers qualified vs unqualified contractors in their calculation on the amount of overtime that is offered.

In December we started preparing for the People’s gas contract negotiations whose contract expires on January 22, 2022.

For DLC we reached a tentative agreement on a Remote Reporting MOU for different departments in the company and over a 3 day period went to the different locations and groups to have them vote on it. The MOU was voted down by the groups mainly due to distrust of the HR department and a few things that the Company would not change in the MOU.

The MAMS arbitration that was scheduled for December 21st was settled a few days prior to that date. The Company agreed to bring the total number of MAMS employees to 21, they currently had 10 so we were agreeable to that number and felt it was a good outcome for the Union.

We also reached a tentative agreement on WFH (Work From Home) MOU and held a vote virtually with the members that were affected. The MOU passed easily.

We also came to an agreement on Paid Parental Leave Policy which is beneficial for our members as they will get additional paid time off, please make sure you read the policy.

We had an arbitration with EH (Energy Harbor) on December 8th over their portion of the Healthcare payments, this was an expensive arbitration but well worth it so they understand we will arbitrate over issues that we feel need arbitrated. In the beginning of February, we received the award from the arbitrator who agreed with us which means Energy Harbor will need to pay a bigger portion of the Healthcare and also reimburse our members for going back to when they took over for First Energy. We are still in the process of coming up with the final total, but it was definitely a huge win for those members.

Our Union had the Annual Christmas Party/Dance that was held at the Rivers Casino and it was well attended with over 250 people and I believe everyone enjoyed it….Great job by Al Dean and the Community service group (anyone interested in joining that group please call the Hall).

People’s Gas contract negotiations have continued and we agreed to an extension while we continued to negotiate.

We started contract negotiations with EH for the Maintenance Planners that work at BV, the Company and Union both agreed to put them into the main BV contract but carve out some provisions that only apply to the Planners. Over the next month we met several times and worked out the details and took a tentative agreement back to the Planners to vote on the contract in early March at which time it was ratified by those members. They received the same wage and benefits as the main contract and again I feel it was a good contract for our members.

People’s Gas contract was tentatively agreed to in February and ratified by the membership in the middle of February. It was a 4 year agreement with wage increases of 3% …3% …2.5%....2.5%  along with other improvements, the members were happy with the terms of the new agreement as were we.

Port Authority implemented a vaccine mandate policy in the beginning of February which stated that all employees must be vaccinated by March 15th or they would be terminated. ATU Local 85 filed an injunction to stop the mandate but it was rejected so our only course of action is the grievance process.

In February we started contract negotiations with GenOn which covers Cheswick and Brunot Island Power Plants. Cheswick has been sold and scheduled to close on March 31st which is the same time the contract expires. Cheswick has been sold to Charah solutions who plans on demolishing the plant and redeveloping the land. The employees working at Cheswick at scheduled to be laid off on Sunday April 3rd at the end of their shift. DLC has offered to hold a job fair for the laid off Cheswick employees to see if they are interested and qualified for any of the vacant positions in the company. We are also reaching out to the other companies that we deal with to see if they can help also. I wish all of those members the best and we will continue to help any way we can to help them find employment else were.

As many of you already know I retired as Business Manager effective March 28, 2022, I want to thank everyone for their support and help during my time as Business Manager. This Union belongs to ALL members and is only as strong as it’s membership makes it, so it’s up to you and your involvement and the help that you give this Union leadership. Due to retirements over the last 4 years the current union leaders are much younger than when I took over. I believe the  leaders in place today are extremely dedicated and eager to make this union even stronger, but they will need everyone’s help in doing so.

Josh Ewing is the new Business Manager and has been handling 2 of the recent contract negotiations (People’s Gas & GenOn) and has done an unbelievable job on those contracts. I have all the confidence in the world in his ability to lead this union to even more improvements.

Thanks again for allowing me the privilege to be the Business Manager of IBEW Local 29, I can only hope that we have made the membership proud to be a member of this local, I know I was proud to lead it and thankful for the help and support of the other Union Officers.


Kenn Bradley

December Union Meeting - December 14, 2022

** I.B.E.W. LOCAL 29 **

December 14, 2022

Monthly Union Meeting Notice



Location: Carpenters Hall

                  650 Ridge Road

                  Pittsburgh, PA  15205



Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Time: 7:30 P.M.


If additional directions needed, ask another member or call the Hall at 412-922-6969.





Food and Beverages will be served.


Labor Day Weekend Schedule


Dear Brothers and Sisters:


Our Labor Day Weekend of Service

begins with our partners with the

Pittsburgh Penguins and Vitalant



WHEN: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 — 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.


WHERE: F.N.B. Gate of PPG Paints Arena at Centre Avenue and Fullerton Street

REGISTER: Vitalant.org/weekendofservice



2022 Labor Day Weekend Veterans Memorial Clean-up


WHERE: 28th Ward Veterans Memorial (Steuben Street & Obey Avenue, Crafton Heights, PA 15205)


2022 Labor Day Mass



WHERE: St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church (91 Crawford St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219)


2022 Labor Day Parade


WHEN: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 — 10:00 a.m.

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Announces Primary Endorsements for the 2022

The PA AFL-CIO’s Executive Council, on behalf of nearly 700,000 union workers across the Commonwealth, proudly announces the following endorsements for political candidates in the 2022 election cycle.  General Election endorsements will be made later this summer.

We believe these candidates show dedication to fight for justice and a better life for Pennsylvania’s working people.


Governor:  Josh Shapiro

Lt. Governor:  Austin Davis 

US House District 16:  Rick Telesz

US House District 17: Chris DeLuzio


PA Senate District 38:  Lindsey Williams

PA Senate District 42:  Wayne Fontana 


PA House District 19:  Aerion Abney

PA House District 20:  Emily Kinkead

PA House District 21:  Sara Innamorato

PA House District 23:  Dan Frankel

PA House District 24:  Martell Covington

PA House District 25:  Brandon Markosek

PA House District 27:  Daniel Deasy

PA House District 30:  Arvind Venkat

PA House District 32:  Tony Deluca

PA House District 33:  Tristan McClelland

PA House District 35:  Austin Davis

PA House District 36:  Jessica Benham

PA House District 38:  Nick Pisciottano

PA House District 45:  Anita Astorino Kulik



Our mission is to involve the next generation of IBEW members in the labor movement, the local community, and the union.

RENEW offers programs, events, and social outings to build solidarity, educate, and have fun.

RENEW is open to any Local 29 member 35 years old and younger.

If you are interested, contact Jordan Layhew for more information.

Jordan Layhew: Phone  or Email

September monthly Union Meeting and Building Corp meeting

** I.B.E.W. LOCAL 29 **

September 7, 2022

Monthly Union Meeting Notice




Location: Carpenters Hall

                   650 Ridge Road

    Pittsburgh, PA  15205



Date: Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Time: 7:30 P.M.


**Yearly Building Corp Meeting will be on:**

Date: Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Time: 6:00 P.M.



If additional directions needed, ask another member or call the Hall at 412-922-6969.

Labor Day 2022

Labor Day is September 5th, 2022. 


Please join us as we march in solidarity


Parade starts at 10:00 AM

(Roads close at 8:00 AM so please come early)


All members and family’s welcome


We will be staged in white division (melody lot)


All receive free IBEW 29 shirts and hats

Food and drinks provided after the parade

Vacant At Large Executive Board position

To:             All IBEW Local 29 Members


Date:          October 26, 2022


Re:              At Large Executive Board Position of IBEW Local 29




Individuals that wish to be considered to fill the vacancy of the

At Large Position (Duquesne Light Company/ EnergyHarbor/ Fetterman for PA / GenOn/ Peoples Natural Gas/ Pittsburgh Regional Transit) of IBEW Local 29 needs to submit a letter of intent to the Executive Board.


Please mail signed submission to the following:


Executive Board

IBEW Local 29

986 Greentree Road

Pittsburgh, PA  15220


The signed submittal can also be received via facsimile at 412.922.5649 or e-mail at ibew29@ibew29.org


Applications received must be received end of business day on Friday, November 18, 2022.  


The decision will be rendered by the Executive Board on Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

August 10th 2022 Union Meeting


AUGUST 10, 2022


TIME: 6:00 PM




Union Meeting - October 12, 2022

** I.B.E.W. LOCAL 29 **

October 12, 2022

Monthly Union Meeting Notice




             Location: Carpenters Hall

                              650 Ridge Road

                             Pittsburgh, PA  15205



Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Time: 7:30 P.M.



   Food and Beverages will be at the meeting.


If additional directions needed, ask another member or call the Hall at 412-922-6969.



Union Meeting - October 12, 2022

** I.B.E.W. LOCAL 29 **

October 12, 2022

Monthly Union Meeting Notice




             Location: Carpenters Hall

                              650 Ridge Road

                             Pittsburgh, PA  15205



Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Time: 7:30 P.M.



   Food and Beverages will be at the meeting.


If additional directions needed, ask another member or call the Hall at 412-922-6969.



GoFundMe Link

Below is the link for two of our brothers that were injured in a contact incident last week.  Please keep both of our members and their families in your thoughts and prayers.  We encourage you to consider a donation 

Fundraiser by John Andzelik : Support for Brad Meyer and Tyler Rowley (gofundme.com)

February 2022 Union Meeting

* I.B.E.W. LOCAL 29 ** 

February 9, 2022 




Monthly Union Meeting Notice 





Notice will be sent out for the next meeting on March 9, 2022. 


See you then!!! 



Any questions call the Hall @412-922-6969. 


IBEW Local 29 Christmas Party



777 Casino Drive Pittsburgh PA 15212

Friday December 2nd, 2022

Cocktail Hour 6-7 PM

Dinner at 7 PM

Ticket Price $50

(Buffet and Drinks included)

Talk to your steward or call the IBEW 29 Hall for Tickets (412) 922-6969

The NEW Landing Hotel Welcomes with the discounted group rate of $259.00 Reservations may be made in the following ways:  thelandinghotelpgh.com 

Enter check-in/check-out dates, then ‘find rates’

Enter in the 3-letter group code – “ILC

 Or call 412-231-7777, reference group code/name (IBEW 29 Christmas Party)

Deadline for hotel reservations is Friday, November 11th


October 8, 2022

2PM to 6PM

A picture containing grass, person, crowd

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50 Pine Creek Road

Wexford, PA  15090

$50 per person (Not just IBEW Local 29 members)

Invite your Neighbor/BFF/Spouse/Cousin, etc.


Buffet/Beer/Soft Drinks included

Top Tracer Technology

Four Man Scramble Pebble Beach

Cornhole – Darts – Bocce

Arcade Games

Closest to the Pin $100 Gift Card

First Place $200 Gift Card

Call for Tx: Shaun Tunstall -  DL  412.425.2447

Al Dean - DL  412.537.4430

Becky at Hall 412.922.6969 or ibew29@ibew29.org

150 tickets will be sold only

                                    Call/Email to get tickets....................

March 2022 Monthly Union Meeting

** I.B.E.W. LOCAL 29 **

March 9, 2022

Monthly Union Meeting Notice




Location:            Keystone Mountain Lakes

Regional Council of Carpenters Hall

650 Ridge Road

Pittsburgh, Pa 15205


Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Time: 7:30 P.M.



Directions from Pittsburgh:

 When Traveling Outbound from Pittsburgh on the Parkway (US 22W/30W), take the Campbells Run Road exit. Make a left onto Campbells Run Road. Just past the Exxon station turn left onto Bayer/Boyce Road. Proceed up the hill approximately .06 of a mile to the first intersection, Ridge Road. Turn left onto Ridge Road. Proceed approximately .03 of a mile to the Keystone Mountain Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters Headquarters on the left.  Our meeting is on the first floor.


Directions from the airport: 

When Traveling Inbound to Pittsburgh on the Parkway (US 22E/30E), take the Ridge Road exit. Make a right at the traffic light. Bear to the left at the next traffic light. Proceed through Settlers Cabin Park on Ridge Road for approximately 1.2 miles to the stop sign. Proceed straight through the stop sign on Ridge Road for approximately .03 of a mile to the Keystone Mountain Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters Headquarters on the left.  Our meeting is on the first floor.

Kenn Bradley

A message for Kenn Bradley


From all the staff, IBEW Local 29 Officers and the Membership, we would like to recognize Kenn Bradley for his service to this local.  Kenn became a member of the IBEW on May 30th, 1979.  Kenn worked for various companies and worked in many different capacities over the years.  He spent the majority of his career as an operator for coal fired power plants specifically Elrama and Cheswick.  Kenn got involved with the Union due to Larry Rossa as a Steward in 1985.  He then became a Chief Steward February 1st, 1994.  After continuing to battle for Local 29, Kenn climbed the ranks to Senior Business Representative for Fossil in October of 2006.  After continuing to fight and represent members through the years, Kenn showed in interest into leading this Local Union and took over for Jeff Davis after he retired in August of 2017. 

            I think I speak for the entire membership when I say that we are very glad that Kenn decided to run for Business Manager.  In Mr. Bradley’s time in running IBEW Local 29, Kenn has not only fought for and warranted fair and equitable contracts from multiple employers, but he has also brought financial stability to the local to be able to represent our members to fullest ability.  In order to be able to arbitrate cases against all the employers that we represent, the local needs money to do this.  Kenn has gone above and beyond to ensure that this Local Union has the financial resources to combat these employers over disputes for years to come. 

            One more thing that I would like to recognize Kenn Bradley for, is uniting this local on all levels.  Whether it be a certain group within a company, or all the way up to all the Union officers, Kenn has spread the message that we are stronger as one.  That is the core value of what the IBEW represents.  Kenn has helped solve many issues on at various employers and has also unified all the elected Local Union leaders to work together in order to solve the problems for the greater good of the membership. 

            Please join me and the other Local Union leaders that represent IBEW Local 29 in congratulating Kenn Bradley on an amazing career and wish Kenn many years of a long and happy retirement.  You have done a tremendous amount for this local, and for that we are forever grateful.  Congratulations,


All of IBEW 29

2022 IBEW 29 H2open Golf Outing
January 2022 Monthly Union Meeting

* I.B.E.W. LOCAL 29 **

January 12, 2022

Monthly Union Meeting Notice



Location: Steamfitters Local

            Union Hall 449

            1517 Woodruff St.

  Pittsburgh, PA  15220


Date: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Time: 7:30 P.M.


Masks Mandatory

Social Distancing will be enforced.

No Food / No Beverages


If additional directions needed, ask another member or call the Hall at 412-922-6969.

Christmas Message

To all of our Members,

We would like to thank you for all the hard work you have done throughout the past year.  We would like to recognize you all for the dangerous and hard work that you do everyday.  We are truly lucky to represent members that have gone through what you have.  Whether it be the long hours, working in the elements or just trying to navigate through the COVID pandemic, you have worked through it and for that we thank you.  

We also want to wish all of our members a very safe and Merry Christmas season.  We know that some of our members will be working during the Holidays, but we wish for you to be safe and enjoy the time you do have off, with your family and friends.  If you do choose to indulge in some holiday cocktails, please do not drink and drive.  Once again, we wish all of our members a Happy Holiday season and look forward to the New Year.  Sincerely, 

IBEW Local 29 Officers

Nurses from Altoona stand up to UPMC

To all affiliate unions:


On Wednesday and Thursday, 12/15 and 12/16, registered nurses from the UPMC Altoona Hospital are coming to Pittsburgh. These members of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania are challenging UPMC to take action on nurse recruitment and retention and direct critically needed investments to the bedside. I'm writing to ask for your help to support them.


From Wednesday 12/15 at 11am until Thursday 12/16 at 11am, nurses will be camped out in front of UPMC headquarters (USX Tower, 600 Grant Street). They're staying for 24 hours to draw attention to the outrageous conditions in the UPMC Altoona emergency department, where nurse short staffing has led to patient wait times of over 24 hours. Despite immense financial resources, including a 400% increase in net revenue and $67 million in American Rescue Plan money intended for struggling and rural hospitals, UPMC refuses to make the investments to recruit and retain nurses. That's why Altoona nurses are bringing the fight for patient care to the doorstep of UPMC!


Here's how you can support these brave nurses:


1) Pick a time between Wednesday 12/15 11am until Thursday 12/16 11am to visit with nurses. (Please send an email to Gabe with SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania at gabe.kramer@seiuhcpa.org to let him know when to expect you!) Feel free to bring some food or hot beverages to share with nurses as they camp out in the cold.


2) Share your visit on social media so all your friends can understand how nurses are challenging UPMC to invest in patient care.


Attached below is a leaflet you can email to union members.


Let's spread the word and show some Pittsburgh love to these nurses holding UPMC to account!


In Solidarity,

Darrin Kelly

President, ACLC AFL-CIO

November News Letter from The International

Please click the link below


IBEW Lifesaving Award

I am proud to inform all the members of IBEW Local 29 that five of our own members were presented awards associated with the IBEW Lifesaving Award last night at our monthly Union meeting. 


For many years, our Brotherhood has been extremely proud of the many members who have performed the most noble of all services – the saving of a human life. Many of our members have prepared themselves for such an emergency by taking first-aid and safety training courses. The IBEW recognizes those that perform this honorable act with the IBEW Life Saving Award.

1. The IBEW Life Saving Award – Member. This award will be presented to any member who, by direct personal involvement, saves the life of a fellow human being. This also includes individuals that are working under an IBEW collective bargaining agreement and is in the process of becoming an IBEW member, such as an apprentice or probationary employee.

2. The IBEW Certificate of Recognition.  This award will be presented to a member who did not meet the criteria for the Life Saving Award (hands on activity that resulted in the saving of a life) but deserves special recognition for their presence of mind, prompt action and genuine concern for a fellow human being.

3. The IBEW Life Saving Award - Non – Member. This award will be presented to recognize a non-IBEW member who, by direct personal involvement, saves the life of an IBEW member

Brothers  Andrew Vraninin, Nehemiah Walker and Jason Stolarz received the IBEW life saving award for their courageous and heroic actions performed in rescuing fellow member Jake Ulizzi related to the April 11th incident involving an arch flash inside a manhole.  

Brothers Richard Wolfe and Samuel Fredrick were awarded the IBEW Certificate of Recognition for their role and actions in safeguarding the scene and contacting emergency personnel to render aid to Jake.