IBEW RENEW/NextGen Conference Held In Pittsburgh

Thursday, October 5, 2017
The conference held in Pittsburgh gave us the perfect opportunity to send 12 of our young workers from the different employers and different departments to attend the Conference which hosted over 500 young workers from across the United States and Canada. There were various speakers, along with workshops on different topics, the main focus was engaging and educating young members and developing the skills necessary to be leaders in our union. They are working to understand and embrace their role as young workers in growing the labor movement, and to stand up against the challenges and attacks that they face as young workers. Luckily we are members of the strongest union in the labor movement with immense support, mentorship, and guidance for young members.
I am hopeful that those 12 members can take what they learned over those few days and spread the message to the other young workers in local 29. I believe you will hear more from our young members in the near future, the more I see the young members we have, the more hope and confidence I have in local 29’s future. I want to thank those individuals for their interest and time in attending the conference.
We as a union both young and old need to work together to help each other understand the challenges both groups face. The older members need to pass on their experience and at the same time be willing to try new ways of doing things due to technology. The younger members need to listen and learn from the more experienced workers and also help the older members understand the new technology that’s out there and how to use it. Remember, we are stronger when we as a union work together!


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