Grievance and Arbitration Report

Tuesday, July 3, 2018
DLC- 3 day workers were switched to backshift but were only paid shift differential, the grievance was settled at the 3rd step and the employees were made whole with the following payments;
1- $13,506.09
2 - $11,537.18
3 - $3,053.40
DLC - Company re paid 8 hours lost wages to two employees for unjust suspensions
NRG - settled the LTD grievance that was scheduled for arbitration on June 27th, 3 members received the following payments;
1- $5,000
2- $2,500
3- $2,500

NRG - Company paid 4 hours lost wages due to the fatigue policy.

Beaver Valley - came to agreement that the Company will not use contractors to move material/equipment from GDC to the plant/storeroom.
There were several other grievances settled, some were make up overtime, others were a reduction in discipline.
We currently have 2 arbitrations scheduled;
DLC ......FMLA grievance is scheduled for July 19,2018
DLC .....Terminated employee is scheduled for October 17,2018

We are in the process of picking arbitrators for a few more grievances;
DLC ......reasonable amount of overtime being offered
NRG.....retiree life insurance
Beaver Valley.....there are couple different ones we are looking at but have not made a final decision as of yet, but we will decide in the next week or so.
Odds and Ends
GenOn is hiring operators for Cheswick PS if you know of anyone looking for a good paying job.

Anyone interested in representing our local on political issues please contact the Union will be provided.

Anyone who is skilled with computer systems and would be interested in helping Jim DePoe with maintaining the computer system at the Union hall, please call the Union hall.
Union Hall - # 412-922-6969



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