People's Gas Members Ratify 3 Year Contract

Local 29 members that work People's Gas had a contract that was set to expire on January 23, 2016. The Company was also in Negotiations with a Local Union of the United Steelworkers (USW) and two Local Unions of the Utility Workers of America (UWUA) for expired contracts for workers that they represent. The Company made offers to all four Local Unions and to non-represented workers for an early retirement. We came to an agreement to extend the current contract for three years with wage increases of 2.5% per year, fix some overtime language, and exchange President's Day holiday for Martin Luther King holiday.

The agreement also included an early retirement offer to those age 55 or older with at least ten years of service. Any member electing this offer will receive 50% of their salary for two years and fully paid healthcare for those two years. Over 50% of our members there are qualified for this offer.

On Wednesday, December 16th the membership voted on this agreement and ratified it by a 3 to 1 margin.

Our members at People's Gas were formerly members of IBEW Local Union 1956 that merged into Local 29 on August 1, 2014. These members performed the clerical and technical work for Equitable Gas Company. People's Gas bought Equitable Gas in 2013.

People’s Gas Tentative Agreement Reached

On Friday, February 1st a tentative agreement was reached between IBEW 29 and People’s Gas. The contract which was set to expire on January 23rd was extended until February 8th to give both sides time to come to an agreement without a work stoppage. We met on February 1st with a mediator in attendance and with his help, we were able to come to a tentative agreement which still needs to be ratified by the membership.  

Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • 3-year contract with a 2.75% wage increase each year
  • Bereavement Policy will be improved by going to the Company’s current policy
  • PTO improvements 
  • Bonus improvement, we will go to APIP at 5% including overtime
  • Field Collection Clerks to get a wage increase and a boot allowance

A detailed write up of all changes to the contract will be handed out, and I will explain why the negotiating committee, unanimously recommends ratifying this contract. The date, time and location of the ratification vote and meeting will be communicated to the members in the next day or two.

Kenn Bradley

People’s Gas Contract Ratified

On Friday, February 8th the IBEW 29 members that work at People’s Gas voted to accept the newly negotiated contract 23 - 0. We currently have 26 members that were eligible to vote, of which 23 actually voted. Although the new contract was not spectacular, it was very solid, with something for everyone.

I want to thank the negotiating committee for all of their hard work and effort that they put into getting the best contract possible. A special thanks to Mickey Maloney, Lynn Petrie and Garth Rae for all of the input that they contributed as part of the committee, their input was invaluable in getting to an agreement. The other members on the committee were Nicole Greb (Sr Business Rep), Glenn Camp (President/Assistant Business Manager), Kris Anderson (International Rep) and myself, Kenn Bradley (Business Manager

The Committee wants to thank all of the members that work at People’s Gas for your support during negotiations and for taking the time to come out and vote. It was a great turnout getting 23 out of 26 members to vote, every vote is important to show the company that you care about your contract and you will come out and vote. The next contract is less than 3 years away, and we will remind them that our members will be coming out to vote!!


Your Negotiating Committee 

People's Gas Update

The arbitration date for the theft work grievance has been rescheduled tentatively for December 4th due to COVID-19. We are trying to get a 3rd step meeting for a grievance on the Field Collection Clerks not being upgraded for some of the work they are doing, but again COVID-19 is making it difficult.