Operational Efficiencies MOU

The following workgroups voted on the Operational Efficiencies MOU over the past few days.  

Engineering Design Technician, Underground One Call Locator, Field Representative, Field Specialist, Meter Specialist, Field Meter Technician, Senior Operator/Troubleshooter, Overhead, Underground, Protection/Controls and Substation/Electrical Maintenance groups

The results counted on 12/2/2021 from the vote are as followed:


REJECT:  211

VOID:  1

TOTAL:  350 

The Union leadership thanks our members for showing up to vote and voicing their opinions and concerns.  The Union requests that members provide feedback to their stewards on what you liked or did not like with this MOU.  This feedback may give the Union the opportunity to go back to the company and get some things that the membership wants.  We thank our membership for their feedback and for casting their votes.  

DLC Work From Home update 8/9/21

Today (8/9/21) we met with the Company for the 3rd time in an effort to come to an agreement on a work from home MOU, both sides have made some movement but we still have some tough issues to get over. We will continue to work through this process to get our members an MOU that they can agree to and the Company can live with. We will need everyone's continued support as we try to find solutions to the obstacles in front of us. Our next meeting with the Company is on Tuesday August 17th we will do our best to keep you updated as much as possible and we should have more information for you in the near future.


Kenn Bradley

DLC Work From Home

A meeting was held on Monday with the Company to discuss the possibility of Union members continuing to work from home even after the tentative return to work date of September 7th. The Company will be sending out a survey to try and get a feel for the needs of our members and they will share that information with us, so it is important that you participate and give honest answers to the questions.

The next step would be the the Company and Union would have to negotiate and come to an agreement on the terms that would apply to those members as we did during this pandemic even though it was a much simpler process since everyone that could work from home would. Going forward i am not sure what the terms will look like or if we will come to an agreement to allow everyone to work remotely. Like everything else there are pluses and minuses in working from home, so we will get your input and see if we can get to an agreement.

We will keep you as informed as much as possible along the way in each step of the process, the best way to stay informed is by looking at the updates that we put on the website, no other information will be available.......please fillout the surveys and stay tuned!!

Covid 19 Vaccine

New DLC Logo - White - .pngCOVID-19 Update

April 1, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccines Available for All Employees 


We’re pleased to share all DLC, DQE and TEN employees, including interns and EDT students, have the opportunity to register for their COVID-19 vaccine through Heritage Valley Health Systems (HVHS).

To facilitate this process, a member of the Future Planning Cell (FPC) will be in contact with Supervisors and above, or with employees directly, to share a registration form. Once your registration is complete, we will share our list with HVHS. At this point, a member of their team will contact you to schedule your appointment.

Listen to a special message from Interim President and CEO Mark Kaplan regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine.Scheduling may occur as quickly as next week, or could take several days. We are fortunate to offer this opportunity to employees, but cannot guarantee vaccination for all. Vaccinations will occur at one of two HVHS locations:

  • CCBC Dome – Maintenance Center, Campus Dr., Monaca, PA 15061
  • Robinson Township Staples Office Building – 6521 Steubenville Pike, Pittsburgh, PA 15205

It’s important to remember, vaccination is not mandatory or required. If you register for the vaccine, it is voluntary. Please also remember to never share any medical or disability-related information about yourself or a family member when registering for the vaccine or communicating with your FPC representative.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve already scheduled your COVID-19 vaccine appointment elsewhere, DO NOT CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT. We ask that you keep your existing appointment and allow others to schedule vaccination through HVHS.

Additionally, Interim President and CEO Mark Kaplan, in partnership with Todd Faulk, Vice President, Human Resources, shared details regarding this year’s Wellness Program, which includes a monetary incentive for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.


Wellness Program

In addition to other monetary incentives offered through the Wellness Program – Live Well, you will have the opportunity to earn $320 if you receive the COVID-19 vaccine (one dose for Johnson & Johnson, two doses for Moderna or Pfizer).

In order to receive the incentive, proper documentation of your COVID-19 vaccine is required. In order to effectively track your vaccination, we’ve added a new “COVID-19 vaccine” tile to the Wellness Portal. After you’ve received your vaccine, you’ll document it on the Portal. This replaces the current reporting process where employees were asked to email their vaccine card to HR.

If you’ve already submitted proof of vaccination to Human Resources via email, you will not have to resubmit through the Portal.

Paid Permission Time

HR has approved the use of up to two hours of paid “permission time” for each dose when receiving the COVID-19 vaccine during your scheduled work day for Union and Non-Union employees.

To log permission time, read our latest update here.



DLC bid list

We currently are working with the Company on updating how we recieve and post the job bid list on our website in a way that will make it easier to post and view. An up to date list for each position will be posted on the website by noon every Monday. This should be effective starting 3/15/2021. Thank you for your patience while we work on this improvement.

Bid list are now available by going to the menu section on the websites home page and clicking Bid List.

Arbitration scheduled

We have an arbitration scheduled on April 16, 2021 for a member who was terminated for sleeping while at work, i can not give details of the case at this time but we do not feel as though the employee should have been terminated based on the circumstances and facts of the case. These types of cases are never easy to win but we will do our best in defending our members.

DL Members � A Note When Submitting Bids Online

When submitting online bids please include seniority date, thank you.

DLC Sr. Operator MOU

The Company and Union finally came to an agreement on an MOU that we hope will entice our members to fill those positions with internal bids, but it may also help bring qualified lineman from the outside. The increase in hourly payrate and a retention payment are the two big improvements for our members. The company in return will save on the amount of overtime they will need to pay for covering all the shifts since those positions are so shorthanded. This will also be a welcomed relief for some of our Sr Operators in the form of time off on their off days.

The work on this MOU was at times very frustrating probably for both the company and union but we stuck with it, and for that, I want to thank everyone for the time they put into this. I want to especially thank the members on the union side since I know it's not easy for them to be out in the field trying to do their regular job and at the same time squeezing in time for meetings even after working a 16 hour shift. Their input was so valuable we could have not done it without them, also the fact that as a committee we all stuck together and listened to each other to come to the best possible solution on this MOU.



CSR MOU......An MOU for the Customer Service Department was agreed to as way to settle many grievances and issues that have been hurting the morale of that group. The Union was persistent on these issues and appreciate the members who spoke up and worked with the Union to help spotlight these issues. The other factor was the continued hard work and professional attitudes of all the members that work in that department. We look forward to a more positive work environment within the Call Center which will make it a department both the Union and Company can be proud of and employees love to work in.

Since David Johnson has arrived at DLC there have been and continue to be many positive changes in the Call Center including communication with the Union leadership. I believe he is steering the ship in the right direction and even though the water may not always be calm we will be able to work through any issues that come up. It's never easy trying to resolve issues when you think you are right, it usually means both sides will have to do something that they don't want to do but when that happens it benefits everyone.

I want to thank everyone that worked on this MOU from both the Company and Union (especially Nicole Greb & Melissa Majeski) as I think it will benefit everyone, and we look forward to working with David and his team in resolving issues as they come up.


DLC Contract Printing Update

The process of getting the new CBA printed has taken longer than normal due to limitations on being able to meet and review the changes that were made in negotiations. We were on course for the books to be printed by March but that was before COVID-19 hit and turned everything upside down and changed everyone’s priorities.

This process of reviewing the CBA is not as easy as it would seem, the contract needs reviewed from cover to cover. That includes all language along with all wage tables need verified that they are correct, the Table of Contents and index both need changes made to the page numbers due to the numerous changes throughout the book. The Union reviews the changes made by the Company and will go back and forth like this until both sides agree that all of the changes have been made correctly.

The Union has made a final review of the CBA but has found a handful of corrections that will need to be made, once the changes are made I believe it will be ready to be sent to the printer within the next week. I am not sure of the turn around time for the printer but I would hope that we would have the books by October.

I know contract books are one of the most fundamental and important parts of a union and every member is entitled to have one. We hope to have them to you soon but while we wait for the books, please refer to any contract changes by looking at the contract summary that was passed out at the ratification vote that was held in October. You can also talk to your steward or call the Union Hall if no steward is available.

Thanks for your patience

Kenn Bradley

DLC Contract Details