Welcome Message

I would like to welcome all of you to our new app! Within our new app, you will be able to view the official union e-newsletter, "Watt's Current."

IBEW Local 29 believes that communications is key in building a strong union. A smarter and stronger union is an informed and educated one! So be sure you are viewing the Local 29 Watt's Current newsletters. To receive updates about these newsletters, please make sure your push notification setting is turned on.

This app will still include information from Local 29 about meetings, job actions, rallies, public hearings and events. Watt's Current also informs you about charity events and about issues important to you.

Our Local Union and its predecessor System Council and Local Unions published a print version of "Watt's Current" for years. The "Watt's Current" official union newsletter will be distributed as often as needed, to inform you of any breaking news, such as a change in status, important meetings, charity events and updates in contract negotiations.

We look forward to using our communication tools to keep everyone informed on the issues that affect our work lives. Be safe out there and we look forward to your feedback! We hope you are enjoying our new app!