October 2020 Newsletter

Friday, October 16, 2020


Brothers and Sisters,

Fall is upon us and the virus is still here, I know most of the MRC’s members are staying home, riding mostly alone, and wearing their masks and keeping safe. I am to but, I do get on the bike and get out into the fresh air and enjoy the ride. It’s definitely not like being with all of you. The leaves are turning and there are some brilliant colors out there.

Even though the club has suspended all rides for this year we are still keeping watch on the charities that are struggling because of many charity rides being cancelled. 

Your MRC has donated money to several food banks that are trying to keep up with the need from many communities from people being laid off or out of a job. I recently got a letter from the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank asking if we could donate again for the up and coming holiday season. They are estimating a crowd of 3 times larger than last year’s holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Through our membership dues we were able to donate to the food bank again this fall.  

Also. The Veterans Place on Washington Blvd. who is there for all those veteran’s in need, and they have been there throughout this pandemic, like they have been before the pandemic helping out veterans who are struggling through life and giving them a place to go for assistance and some a place to stay. Your MRC has recently sent a donation to this organization as well.  We also had members adding to the donations to these 2 organizations. I Thank You “ALL” for those generous donations.

Your MRC, even though were not riding, is still staying in touch with the union. We are still an active club, looking for any IBEW 29 Union members active or retired that rides and is interested in joining the IBEW 29 Motorcycle Riding Club. If you are interested in joining or wanting to ask about the MRC, you can call the Union Hall at 412-922-6969 or me Ken Jones at 412-523-8920.

Our Blessings and Thank You goes out to all those Heroes working in the Health System, Municipal, County, State, Delivery, and all the others that are putting it on the line to keep all of us at home with all the needs we need to carry on thru this pandemic.

Our thoughts and Prayers also go out to all of our Union Brothers and Sisters who all out there doing their jobs!!

Last but not least, make sure you get out and “VOTE”.

In Solidarity,
IBEW 29 Motorcycle Riders Club