MRC: March 2019 Newsletter and Schedule

Thursday, March 21, 2019
March 2019 Newsletter
Brothers and Sisters,
Will this weather ever become stable just so we can get used to going outside in the cold rather the warmth than the cold.
After the February meeting the election of officers was completed and the for the next 3 years the Officers are:
  • Ken Jones   -   President    Will J Demshar   -   Vice President
  • Debbie Slaney Secretary/Treasurer    Sam Houpt   -   Sargent at Arms
  • Mark Vanenbord   -  Road Captain    Bill Braun  -  Safety Officer
Welcome aboard the Newly Elected Board.
The 2019 Pittsburgh Union MRC Ride Schedule is out and should be posted throughout the union’s bulletin boards. If you do not have or see the schedule let me know or call the union hall.  HALL 412-922-6969. Please click here to download the schedule.
Your union MRC is in full support with IBEW 5 of the Northside Constables Motorcycle Run in support of the Kane Foundation where 100% of the money goes to support the Seniors in the 4 different Kane Facilities. The date is Saturday, July 13th. Registration opens at 8 AM and the ride leaves at 10 AM sharp. You can go online to Pre-Register but you must have it done by July 6th. If you do not ride you can still purchase tickets for the event at the Kane facility where the ride ends. The cost is $10.00 for dinner and $10.00 for a tee shirt.
Looking at the ride schedule you’re MRC is also supporting the Homeless Vet’s Ride in Natrona Heights on Sunday, June 9th. Plus, the Syria Motor Corps in Harmarville on Sunday, July 7th. Naturally, the IBEW East Coast Ride is July 19th thru the 21st in Charleston, W.V.
We will also be doing the Blue Ride support Police Training in Carnegie July 28th. IBEW 29 and IBEW 5 will be having a joint Solidarity Ride on Saturday, September 21st heading up to the Kinsua Bridge and Dam. Should be a great ride. This is a union ride so I hope you can join us. If you have a ride you would like to do or have us do, let us know by contacting Road Captain Mark Vandenbord.
We will be posting several lunch or dinner rides, so we hope you can join us. 
Need any information about the MRC or joining your MRC, you can call the union hall or contact me a 
So, your MRC is getting ramped up and ready to ride. Take the time to thoroughly check over your ride and get out and find a parking lot near you and practice your riding skills. 
In Solidarity,