Kinzua Bridge Skywalk Ride

Monday, September 10, 2018
This weekend the MRC was to attend the Labor Day Parade in New Your City but as you know things happen and the ride event didn’t either.
So, Will J, Sam, and I decided to just get on the bikes and ride. Well, Sam had this ride he wanted to do and that was to go to the Kinzua Bridge Skywalk. Those of you who are not familiar with the Kinzua Bridge that on July 21, 2003, was struck by the force of nature by a Category 1 tornado which tore through the forest heading towards the viaduct. Rip up over hundreds of trees and 11 of the bridges 20 towers were lifted, torn and literally thrown to the valley’s floor. At the time of the incident, the bridge was under construction to repair and reinforce the bridge.
Later they found that the anchor bolts from 1882 and collar assemblies, which mated the old bolts to the later 1900 construction, had failed. I had the opportunity to actually walk across the bridge the previous year with a group of bikes that visited the park.
Well, the half of the actual bridge is still in tacked and a Skywalk, as it’s called, is built across the bridge's span that is standing still a sight to see below and around the site. The fallen towers are still lying where they fell in 2003. The park has grown to a really nice park and visitors center with an animated museum that tells you all about the bridge and its history. The Bridge itself was as tall as the Statue of Liberty of 301 feet. There are walking paths around the bridge above and below with different areas with site seeing devices to get a close look at the area.
When we left on Friday it was raining a little bit by the time we were on our way the sun was out and the weather was excellent for this ride. Going through the back roads of Pennsylvania to get there was nothing short of spectacular. Those of you who ride PA know just how pretty our state is. After the Kinzua visit and 234 miles, we ended up a Will J’s camp for the night. Getting up Saturday morning wasn’t fun to see the rain coming sown. So, the rest of the site seeing came to an end and we took off for home. Totaling 321 miles for the weekend.
If you have a ride or have done a ride, let me know so we can share it with our union brothers and sisters. Even pictures are welcome for the website.