IBEW 29 MRC Made History With Our First Club Labor Parade Ride

Monday, September 10, 2018
Yes, it was 100 degrees on the asphalt of the parade route. The parade started as planned at 10 AM and it was good for us that we didn’t have to start the bikes until we hit Grant Street. It was all downhill until to Grant Street.
IBEW 29 had a really good turnout and not just the members but family members as well. It’s good to see our members having their families involved in the union activities and see how great it is to be a union member.
Interacting with other unions in Solidarity. It was a great overall day and a super parade. I hope that those of you who could not make the Labor Day Event this year will put it on your calendar for next year! This parade is presented as a total union event with all Pittsburgh Unions coming in Solidarity and I invited all our union member motorcyclist to come and join the MRC in this ride.
Now, we ARE fully recognized by the union officials, but today the MRC is now seen by our union members as the MRC for the entire union. Thanks to Billy, Sam, Terry, Joe and Bob for joining me in this Solidarity Labor Day Event.
Make sure you check our site on the Union’s Web site and see the pictures of this event.
In Solidarity,