August 2019 Newsletter

Thursday, August 15, 2019
Another month has come and gone what seemed like a blink of an eye. Your MRC had a busy month with first the Northside Constable Charity Ride on July 13th. We had a nice turn out from our MRC and for a good cause helping the Senior Citizens of the Kane Foundation. Ride started at the Court House downtown Pittsburgh and ending up at the Kane Senior Center in North Hills. 
Having the Sheriff’s Department get lost several times leading the ride, it still turned out to be a nice ride and a nice day and gave us a lot to talk about them losing their way. We also had our brothers from IBEW 141 out of Wheeling W. V. join us for the ride. Thanks to Brother Victor for having his truck and Will J’s closed in trailer as an Emergency vehicle. Fortunately, we didn’t need any of help. Then, we had the IBEW International East Coast Ride July 19th thru the 21st in Charleston, W. V. Over 300 motorcycles from around the USA and Canada arrived Friday for a fun packed weekend. Thanks to the Union and BA Kenn Bradley for coming to see us off and having set up a water station for all the riders. It was hot and we had ice, cold water to start the day off really helped out the riders, Our Brother Victor took his Harley Davidson truck with Will J’s closed in trailer in tow and followed the ride as an Emergency Tow Vehicle. We are so glad he did. He helped a lot of riders along the way. Whether it was for gas when bikes ran short or actually out of gas and having to tow/trailer a bike back to the hotel. The ride was great and long with several stops along the way where Vic showed up with more ice water in the trailer for our Brothers and Sisters to get them through the rest of the ride. It was a perfect weekend for all. The third ride this month was the Blue Ride on Sunday the 28th. We met at our Brother Jim Gillespie’s house of IBEW 5’s MRC for breakfast for a nice gathering of local 5’s MRC and our MRC.  Off to the Fire Hall in North Strabane Twp. for registration. Another hot day ahead. We had a long ride with several stops and a great meal at the end of the ride. Another great day with our MRC.
This month was a great riding month and along these rides we were able to have several union brothers and friends join us and see what our MRC is all about. I would like to Welcome Brother Dan Onuska, Brother Bob Sikora, and  
Brother Paul Swiech to our MRC.
The month of August actually has 2 Charity Event rides on the schedule. August 11th is the Officer Brian Shaw Memorial Ride and the Veteran’s Place Ride August 17th. We have done both of these events and both are rides for good local causes. I hope you can join the MRC for one or both of these rides. I will be doing both. I hope we can have a lunch or dinner ride this month. If you have an idea, let me or our Road Captain Mark Vandenbord know and maybe we can put the ride together or actual help you put your ride together. Everyone can do a ride for your MRC. You do not have to wait for others to come up with a ride.
Do not forget the 2 BIG RIDES in September. September 2nd is the Labor Day Parade. The MRC was a big hit at the parade. People and kids loved seeing the bikes. Also, September 21st is our Joint Ride with IBEW 5. We have done this with IBEW 5 in the past years. This year it is an overnight ride to Kinzua Dam, the Kinzua Bridge, and then the next day to see the elk. Should be a fun 2 days. THIS IS A CLOSED CLUB RIDE MEMBERS ONLY and their special guest are welcome.
Any IBEW 29 Union Member, Past or Present in Good Standing are welcome to join or ride with your MRC. We only have one ride throughout the year that is members only. All other rides union members are welcome to join in on your MRC rides. If you’re interested in learning about the MRC or joining your MRC contact the Union Hall at:
412-922-6969 or call me at 412-523-8920.
Until next month, Ride Safe and Ride often
In Solidarity,