GenOn: Contract Ratified

Friday, September 4, 2020
IBEW Local 29 members that work at both Cheswick and Brunot Island ratified an 18-month agreement with a total wage increase of 3.75% over that time. The agreement also included a buyout of the retiree medical for those who still worked at the Plant and had that benefit. We believe the buyout is beneficial for those who are receiving it and will help us get through the next negotiations a little easier. The last piece of the agreement is a reduction in the amount of time an employee on LTD (Long Term Disability) can pay active employee rates for healthcare. Going forward once you go on LTD you will only be able to stay on the active employee healthcare rate for 24 months, this is the only takeaway there was in this agreement. This in no way affects how long you can stay on LTD, the only change is to the medical rate after 24 months.
In response to retiree healthcare going away and our members need to find coverage for both pre-65 and post-65 we have started working with a healthcare broker that we can trust to send our members to help them get the coverage that they will need. If you will need coverage in the near future you can call the hall for more information. This applies to all of our members not just the ones working for GenOn.


I want to thank our committee for the hard work during these negotiations and being able to adjust to negotiating via zoom and not in person. Your negotiating committee included Glenn Camp (President/Assistant Business Manager), Kris Anderson (International Rep), Mitch Karaica (Sr Business Rep), Jeff Oskin (Executive Board Member), Tim Davis (steward), and myself, Kenn Bradley (Business Manager). Also, thanks to all the members who took the time to come out and vote on this agreement.