Ohio Legislation Employee Update

Friday, April 19, 2019
We want to share an important development that bolsters FirstEnergy Solutions’ efforts to keep our nuclear plants open in Ohio for the long-term. A bill was introduced in the Ohio Statehouse today that recognizes the important and vital role nuclear energy, along with many other clean energy sources, plays in providing clean, safe, and reliable carbon-free energy to Ohioans. As we assess the merits of the bill, FES remains committed to finding a legislative solution that maximizes the economic and environmental benefits to the citizens of Ohio and enables our nuclear plants to continue operating for years to come; while protecting 4,300 high-wage jobs.
FES is grateful to have the support of you, our employees, who have become effective advocates by calling and writing your legislators to explain the importance of the plants to our communities. Making your voices heard will make a difference. For employees who want to find out how you too can take action, please visit the Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance’s website
https://www.protectohiocleanenergyjobs.org/, which provides a guide on how to reach out to your state representative and other forms of advocacy.
While this new legislation is an important and significant step in securing the future of FES and allowing us to continue serving Ohioans; more work needs to be done. We are hopeful that with the continued support of the community and our legislators, FES will be able to obtain the legislative relief needed to keep our plants running for the next 20 years or more.