Two Duquesne Light CSR’s Returned To Work

Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Two Duquesne Light CSR’s Returned To Work
On May 15th the Union was prepared and scheduled to have an arbitration for a CSR that was terminated 18 months prior, but at the end of the day on May 14th the Union received a call from the Company wanting to settle the case rather than go to arbitration. After many calls and a lot of back and forth we were able to come to an agreement that the grievant, Union and Company could agree to. The grievant returned to work with 9 months of back pay and full seniority, we felt this was a fair deal instead of putting the case in the hands of an arbitrator.
The other CSR was terminated in March of 2017 and we held an arbitration hearing on March 8, 2019, the arbitration award came back on May 29th which stated that he be returned to work with full back pay minus 5 days. This was a big arbitration award for our Union and that member, we are hopeful that these types of wins, will make the Company think a little but harder before terminating our members. 
We expect all members to act and perform up to the standards that the IBEW has set, which is to be professional, hard working and courteous at all times. We know, no one is perfect, and discipline may be needed at times, but your Union is here to make sure the punishment fits the crime. I ask all members at each company to be the best IBEW member you can be, so we can all be proud IBEW members.