Terminated Pole testers returned to work with back pay!

Thursday, September 21, 2017
On September 8, 2017, the three pole testers that were terminated in January were notified that they are being reinstated and made whole for all lost wages and benefits including lost overtime minus a 30 calendar day suspension. We also got a pole tester paid for a 5-day suspension he received in January. The one piece of bad news is that a pole tester was given a 30 calendar suspension due to the company’s audit.
The reason I believe this was settled without going to arbitration is due to the research Glenn Camp did prior to a settlement meeting with the company, his preparation allowed him to ask questions that made the company realize they did not have a case if we went to arbitration. Craig Johnson, Josh Ewing, and Kris Anderson along with other stewards also did a lot of investigation work to help with the union’s case. The union is still in the process of evaluating the suspensions as to whether we should go to arbitration or not.
I want to welcome the two pole testers (one did not want to return) back to IBEW 29 and thank everyone who was involved in and supported us in getting them back to work.
Business Manager
Kenn Bradley