Mutual Assistance Agreement Has Passed

Monday, September 17, 2018
The T&D overhead department voted to accept a new MOU on out of town trips that will more evenly distribute the opportunity to go out of town to help those communities that are hit hard by storms.
The MOU came about after hearing complaints from the members about the same members always going on the out of town trips and how unfair the process was. Craig Johnson and Josh Ewing got input from many people within our local and by talking to many other locals to find out how they send members out of town. After many months we came to an agreement with the Company and took it to the affected members for a vote. We decided to go to each garage and hold the vote in order to have a high percentage of members cast a ballot, although there were challenges with scheduling the visits due to trouble and crews working the first couple of days. On Friday we finished up at the Edison garage and tallied the ballots in which 182 (roughly 80% of affected members) were cast.
  • Yes - 149
  • No - 30
  • Void - 3

    If you have any questions, please see your Union Rep/E-Board/Steward.

I want to thank Craig and Josh for the hard work and time put into this matter, and also everyone who gave them their opinion on this issue. I am hopeful that this new MOU is fair and satisfies the big majority of this group. For those of you that voted against this MOU, please continue to give your input on issues that arise and work with your stewards to correct them, but please be respectful, the stewards job is the toughest in the Union and I thank them for all they do, you should too!