Local 29 loses a Rising Star

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
On May 6, 2019, IBEW local 29 lost one of its brightest young stars when 25-year-old Justin Gerasimek passed away. Justin was working as a lineman at the Racoon service center and by all accounts was one of the hardest and smartest workers who loved doing linework along the side of other members of  IBEW 29. Justin also has a twin brother that works at the Racoon garage they did everything together only the way twins do. I was told a few years ago about the “twins” and what great young men they were, the more I learned about Justin and his brother the more impressed I became, they would not only help their co-workers, they would volunteer to help anyone they could, which included going on a mission trip to Mexico. I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet Justin, because anyone who knew him was a better person for knowing him. Being at his funeral it was clear what a positive impact he had on his family, co-workers/friends and community, also you could see how much he was loved and respected by everyone.
For all of those who worked with Justin every day, you know firsthand, how his professionalism embodied what it means to be an IBEW lineman, so I ask each and everyone of you, that in his honor, that you be the best IBEW lineman and person you can be every day. Also when you have the chance to help someone don’t let that opportunity pass you by because you know Justin wouldn’t.
Please keep Justin along with his twin brother Jarred and the rest of his family in your thoughts and prayers.
Business Manager,
Kenn Bradley