Early Negotiations with Duquesne Light

Friday, January 22, 2016
Message From Business Manager, Jeff Davis
An agreement was reached with Duquesne Light Company to hold Early Contract Negotiations to replace the existing contract which expires on September 30, 2016. We have agreed to meet every day of the week of February 8th with a goal of reaching an agreement by Friday, February 12th, if we are not successful we will then go to normal negotiations in the traditional August / September time frame. Both sides have agreed that we will limit the number of proposals we each bring to these negotiations. If things do not go well, either side can call for the end of the discussions.
In preparation for these discussions, a joint information session on Health Care coverage for 2017 and beyond was held in early January with the Company and Union Committees and with our respective Health Care consultants.
We are hopeful that we can reach a reasonable settlement to bring to the membership at Duquesne Light using this process.