Early Contract Negotiations

Thursday, January 17, 2019
IBEW Local 29 and Duquesne Light Co. have agreed to hold early negotiations in an attempt to renew the current contract, which will expire on October 1, 2019. The negotiations will only last for 5 days starting February 18th and end on February 22nd, whether we reach an agreement or not. Both sides will limit the number of proposals that they will present in an effort to reach an agreement in the allotted time.
If we can settle the contract early, the Union, the Company and all the employees would benefit by being able to focus on their jobs instead of having the stress of an expiring contract. If we are unable to come to an early agreement, we would still have the normal negotiations process to settle the contract.
The Union's promise is that the committee will work as hard as possible, to bring back a fair contract to the members for a ratification vote. If the committee does not unanimously recommend it, we will not bring it back for a vote.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to give out much information during the short negotiating process, so we ask that you please be patient.
Kenn Bradley
Business Manager