DLC Sr. Operator MOU

Monday, July 6, 2020
The Company and Union finally came to an agreement on an MOU that we hope will entice our members to fill those positions with internal bids, but it may also help bring qualified lineman from the outside. The increase in hourly payrate and a retention payment are the two big improvements for our members. The company in return will save on the amount of overtime they will need to pay for covering all the shifts since those positions are so shorthanded. This will also be a welcomed relief for some of our Sr Operators in the form of time off on their off days.
The work on this MOU was at times very frustrating probably for both the company and union but we stuck with it, and for that, I want to thank everyone for the time they put into this. I want to especially thank the members on the union side since I know it's not easy for them to be out in the field trying to do their regular job and at the same time squeezing in time for meetings even after working a 16 hour shift. Their input was so valuable we could have not done it without them, also the fact that as a committee we all stuck together and listened to each other to come to the best possible solution on this MOU.