DLC Negotiations Update

Friday, August 2, 2019

The Union and the Company will start negotiations on Monday August sth after many weeks of preparation. Even though the early negotiations we had were not successful, it gave both sides a chance to prepare and to try to find a fair resolution for the tough issues we face in these negotiations. I believe both sides will work hard to come to an agreement that will be passed by the membership prior to the expiration date of the contract on September 30th.

With the arrival of a new CEO, Steve Malnight brings a new way of looking at the issues we face and I think gives most people an optimistic outlook on the road ahead. Glenn Camp and myself have met with Steve on a number of occasions and have discussed the issues that we as a Union face along with the challenges the Company has. I think those meetings have given both sides a better understanding of what the union and company need to be successful. That understanding will hopefully bring us to a fair contract resolution and success for everyone.

Although I believe we will come to an agreement, we will be prepared for a work stoppage as a worst-case scenario. I will send out periodic updates on negotiations with as much information as I can give you. The committee members can only give you the same information that is put out on the updates, so I ask that you have patience and support the committee members any way you can.

Below is a list of your negotiating committee:

  • Kenn Bradley- Business Manager
  • Glenn Camp- President/Assistant Business Manager
  • Kris Anderson- International Rep.
  • Nicole Greb- Sr. Business Rep. (Clerical)
  • Craig Johnson- Sr. Business Rep. (T&D)
  • Bill Webb - Sr. Business Rep. (Substations & Shops)
  • Chuck Conway - Executive Board (Clerical)
  • Garbie Dukes- Executive Board (Clerical) & Recording Secretary
  • Josh Ewing- Executive Board (T&D)
  • Dave Greb - Executive Board (Substations & Shops)

We ask that you continue to do your job in a professional manner and to keep focused on safety.