DLC Negotiation Update

Friday, August 30, 2019
To date we have had 8 negotiating sessions and have 13 more scheduled through the end of September. During the first 8 sessions both sides have tried to get a better understanding of the other sides proposals and why it is important to them so a reasonable counteroffer can be made. In my last update I included a list of proposals from the Union and the Company which included three MOU's from the Company. An MOU is a "Memorandum of Understanding" which normally pertains to a certain work group and is normally done outside of negotiations, but we are trying to work through them to the extent possible in the limited time we have. Both the Company and Union have used employees/members from those work groups to help us better understand the MOU proposals and to form counter proposals.
We will have a presentation on September 6th, from the International on the IBEW Code of Excellence to see if it would be a good fit and benefit for both the Union and Company. The Code of Excellence is a standard set by the IBEW on how members should act and work as professionals along with the Company and treating each other with dignity and respect.
At this point of negotiations things are still moving slow, which is typical, I expect more urgency on both sides in the upcoming meetings with most of the movement coming in the last couple of weeks.
Both sides have put a lot of hours in working on proposals and counter proposals in the hopes of reaching a fair agreement by the end of September. Please continue to work safely and be professional everyday and with your support will get a fair contract.