DLC Files For Rate Case Increase

Monday, April 16, 2018

Duquesne Light Company has filed for a rate increase with the PUC and IBEW 29 is in support of them getting the increase they are asking for but we have signed on as an intervenor in the case. By intervening we are able to receive all of the information that DLC had to give the PUC in applying for the increase. The information is valuable since we will be able to see exactly what their plans are for the future, we currently have our PUC attorney going through the document looking for useful information for us. If we find something that we do not like or agree with, we can testify against the increase if necessary.  The more successful the Company is in getting a rate increase, the better our argument is for a fair contract in 2019, also the more unified we are as a Union the more strength we have at the table.

-Kenn Bradley