DLC Contract Printing Update

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The process of getting the new CBA printed has taken longer than normal due to limitations on being able to meet and review the changes that were made in negotiations. We were on course for the books to be printed by March but that was before COVID-19 hit and turned everything upside down and changed everyone’s priorities.

This process of reviewing the CBA is not as easy as it would seem, the contract needs reviewed from cover to cover. That includes all language along with all wage tables need verified that they are correct, the Table of Contents and index both need changes made to the page numbers due to the numerous changes throughout the book. The Union reviews the changes made by the Company and will go back and forth like this until both sides agree that all of the changes have been made correctly.

The Union has made a final review of the CBA but has found a handful of corrections that will need to be made, once the changes are made I believe it will be ready to be sent to the printer within the next week. I am not sure of the turn around time for the printer but I would hope that we would have the books by October.

I know contract books are one of the most fundamental and important parts of a union and every member is entitled to have one. We hope to have them to you soon but while we wait for the books, please refer to any contract changes by looking at the contract summary that was passed out at the ratification vote that was held in October. You can also talk to your steward or call the Union Hall if no steward is available.  


Thanks for your patience

Kenn Bradley