DLC Contract Details

Tuesday, October 1, 2019
Here are some of the highlights of the newly negotiated contract that the members that work at Duquesne Light Company will be voting on.
1. 4-year agreement
2. Wage increases in each year 3%, 3%, 3%, 2.75%
3. 401K improvement, increased Company core contribution from 3% to 5%
4. Pension updates in each year of the contract
5. Two tier wage system in the Call Center that will apply only to new hires
6. Bill Print and Payment processing positions (total of 4) eliminated
7. Engineering job restructuring MOU that will add 20 jobs
8. The Company will add 4 Mobile Worker positions, 4 GIS Tech positions, 3 District Clerk positions and 2 Energy Diversion positions (newly created)
9. The Company will hire 215 new union members over the term of the contract.
10. Vacation improvements for members currently receiving less than 5 weeks
11. Improved funeral leave benefits
12. Increased life insurance from $16,000 to $24,000
13. Retiree life insurance increased to $10,000
14. Retiree healthcare stipend increased to $10,750 & $21,500
15. Healthcare plan benefits will stay the same for all 4 years (i.e. out of pocket and
16. Healthcare premiums will remain the same in year one and then increase V2% in
each of the following years.
17. Increases in meal money, shift differential, per diem and boot allowance
18. Protection & Control MOU that will add 10 positions and increase the top rate
19. The IBEW Code of Excellence training will be given to all T&D employees
A more detailed document will be sent out later this week for everyone's review. Your Union negotiating committee recommends that the membership votes yes for this agreement.
Kenn Bradley,
Business Manager