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Your Stewards: First Energy - FENOC

The Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station is located in Shippingport, Pennsylvania, the “birthplace” of commercial nuclear power. The Shippingport Atomic Power Station began generating electricity there in 1957. After more than 25 years of safe operation, it became the first nuclear power plant to be decommissioned. Today, electricity is still produced at the site by its successor, Beaver Valley.  The two-unit Beaver Valley station, located 34 miles from Pittsburgh, generates enough electricity to power more than 1 million homes daily.  Beaver Valley is one of the largest employers in Beaver County, providing 1,000 high quality jobs.  Beaver Valley contributes more than $4 million annually in property, payroll and utility taxes to support local schools and public services.  Originally licensed to operate for 40 years each, FirstEnergy received license renewal from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for its Beaver Valley units in 2009, extending the lives of the units until 2036 and 2047, respectively. The current colective bargaining agreement expires September 30, 2014.