March 2018 Motorcycle Club T-Shirt Fundraiser/Membership Drive

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
T-Shirt Fundraiser
Help us sell shirts to anyone who wants one. Each person needs their own order form filled out and a check or cash paid in full before sending it into the union hall or giving it back to you. Please make checks payable to “STITCH IT UP”. After the order forms are collected, the union hall and the club will get them to our printer and they should be ready for the end of March at the latest. If you sell a t-shirt we can do 2 things.  
  1. Get the shirt to you to get it to the buyer or
  2. If they work for Duquesne Light we can send their shirt through the company mail.
When the T-Shirts are completed we will need help at the union hall packing the shirts and getting them ready to be put into the company mail. As discussed at the December meeting we will be using this money for the different charities and charity rides and club events like we have done in the past. This is a great way to give a club donation to the charities that we participate in.
Please read the Flyer below for the t-shirt cost and how the costs break down for the individual ordered t-shirts.
It's important that we do really well with this Fund Raiser for the club.
March Membership Drive
The month of March is also our membership drive where you as a member can ask any union Brother and Sister to come and join the club. The March meeting date is still TBD. After we get the March Meeting date you can invite anyone interested to come and see how the club operates.
Everyone should have a copy of the by-Laws and be able to discuss the club rules and how we offer a lot of good opportunities to not only ride together but give back to charity.
Unfilled Officer Positions
We still need an Unfilled Officer position. The officers' positions open are as follows - Public Relations Officer, Road Captain, and Secretary-Treasurer.
If you’re interested in any of these positions please let me know. Anything you need call me at 412-523-8920. Thank You for the continued support of your club.
In Solidarity