Gun Bash and Repel Fundraisers = Success

Friday, October 19, 2018
Recently two fundraisers were held by local 29, the gun bash which was started by Bill Webb 10 years ago and has always been a success will put over $10,000 in our Community Service fund. That money will be used throughout the year and will help people and groups that are less fortunate than we are, one such group as an example is the Women’s Shelter, there are many other groups and people that benefit from this one fundraiser thanks to all of the hard work and time put in by Bill Webb and the other members of the Community Service Committee. Bill has said this was going to be the last Gun Bash that he will run, I believe Al Dean has volunteered to pick up where Bill has left off, Al will need a lot of help to continue what Bill has started. Anyone who would like to volunteer for this and other events talk to Al or call the Union Hall. Thanks again Bill for all of your hard work over the years and building the Community Service to what it is today, anyone who see’s Bill, make sure you tell him THANKS!! Click here to download the Gun Bash winners.
The other fundraiser held by our local was for LLS (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) tickets were sold for a chance to repel down the side of the Koppers Building. 100 tickets were sold for $20 a piece which enabled us to donate $2000 to help find a cure for a cancer that affects so many lives. The winner was Craig Johnson who is a Crew leader in T&D Preble garage and also a Senior Business Rep for the Union. I want to thank Craig (he bought 10 tickets) and everyone who bought and help sell tickets for this great cause. I was able to video a portion of Craig repelling so everyone could watch and see what a great job he did in representing IBEW 29 in this event.
Thanks again to all those who helped make both of these events successful by either attending or selling tickets and a special thanks who helped during the events.