Monday, January 29, 2018
As I have previously reported on, we agreed to an MOU with GenOn for a Voluntary Severance Program and we had 14 members sign up for and agree to leave January 31, 2018. This MOU will payout over $1,000,000 total to the 14 volunteers to see details of the MOU see my previous article on the VSP. Some of the volunteers have used their C-Days along with vacation days during the month of January to take them to 31st. The following is a list of those members that agreed to the VSP:

Becky Kidd
Bill Darragh
Margret Weir
Bill Williams
Kathy McKay
Rich McDevitt
John Hogya
Harry Descutner
Greg Bell     
Diane Killosky
Donald Mathews
Regis Drahos
Debbie Watkins
Larry Scott – Mobile maintenance

I want to wish them all good luck and for most of them a long and happy retirement.


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