Happy Independence Day

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
This holiday is the result of a lot of brave men and women willing to fight for what they believed was right, it's the same thing we do as a union every day. There were many small battles along the way, they did not win every one of those battles, but the Great Britain army always knew they were in a fight. There were times when some members of the patriots wanted to quit fighting or even worse some traders joined the other side, this all seems somewhat familiar to how things are today between companies and unions.
We fight for what we believe is fair by filing grievances and going to arbitration when necessary and the biggest battle being contract negotiations. For us as a union to win more battles than we lose we must stick together and stand up for our brothers and sisters and keep an eye on the British to make sure they are following the contract.
We won't win every battle, but we will continue fight and the more members we have supporting us the better our chances are of winning. Being a good Union member is showing up for work on time, being professional and following the contract, I know most of you are hard workers and good union members and I thank you for that.
I wish all IBEW 29 members and their families a safe and happy 4th of July.



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