Grievance and Arbitration Update

Saturday, March 24, 2018
I would like to give everyone an update on some of the outstanding grievances we have along with some of the positive results we have gotten on a number of them. First let me give you the dates for the arbitrations that we already have scheduled so far in 2018.
  • February 12th.....Terminated Engineering Tech (DLC).....waiting on the Arbitrators decision
  • May 23rd......10 day suspension of a CSR (DLC)
  • June 27th.......Taxing the LTD benefit when it is collected (NRG)
  • July 19th.....FMLA running concurrent with sick time (DLC)
We have an Arbitrator picked for another termination case with DLC but have not set a date yet.
The other big issues at this time that will possibly be arbitrated if we can't come to a settlement with the companies are;
  • Theft work.....Peoples Gas
  • Reasonable amount of overtime......DLC
  • Protection and Control work being done by contractors....DLC
  • Several different terminations.......DLC
  • Retiree life insurance.......NRG
  • Contracting out work......Beaver Valley FE
We also have a Labor Board charge at Beaver Valley over not allowing union representation when being interviewed by the MRO.  We have many more grievances that the Union is evaluating for arbitration and which ones will have the biggest impact for our members.
As always, I ask that you work with your Stewards and Reps to help the Union put forward the best arbitration case we can, by giving any information you might have or testifying when needed, we can only win if we have your support and help.


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