Dues Restructuring Bylaw Passes

Monday, June 17, 2019
On Wednesday June 12, 2019 at the monthly union meeting and a special meeting held in the afternoon, a vote was conducted on whether to change the bylaw that dictates how dues are calculated and deducted for each member. After many good questions and comments the members in attendance cast their ballots and the majority of members voting decided that the new structure was the best path forward for this local. I am sure this will continue to be a topic of debate between some members, but I hope everyone will continue to support your stewards, Reps and officers of this local as we continue to strive to give you the best representation possible.
I want to thank everyone who took the time out of their busy lives on June 12th and attended one of the meetings to make your voice, and vote heard, whether you voted for it, or against the bylaw change. I hope to see new faces at future monthly union meetings and listen to any questions or comments they may have on what is important to them.
The final tally on the vote is as follows;
  • Yes – 94
  • No – 39
  • Void - 1
The proposed bylaw change is something that has been debated many times over the years as to which way is the fairest to all members. I recently have been approached by many members about this issue and the possibility of changing our dues structure to a percentage based on our monthly wage rather than everyone paying the same amount as we currently do. Just like paying taxes not everyone pays the same amount and it is based on a percentage of the individual's income. I did some research with the help of the International on how most unions have their dues structured and found that most are based on a percentage, some include overtime, and some do not. 
The new proposal does not include any overtime, only the base wages. 
I believe if the proposed bylaw change is passed by the members, it will be the fairest and most equitable way provide the financial resources needed for this Union to do the following;
  1. When needed take our grievances to arbitration (arbitration cost is between $10,000 & $20,000 depending on the complexity of the case). 
  2. Use our attorneys for arbitrations, advice and strategy on how to deal with the many issues we face from the different Companies.
  3. Use attorneys when needed for bankruptcy's and various other things that may come up. 
  4. To better educate our Union officers and stewards on the best ways to represent our members.
  5. To be able to use our healthcare expert to help navigate and negotiate healthcare benefits with the different employers.
  6. Enable us to be better prepared for negotiations.
  7. We also use an attorney whose expertise is with PUC issues and has access to information which is really valuable.
  8. Increase membership by organizing different workplaces, a dues percentage is more appealing to most people thinking about joining a Union.

The best part of the proposed dues structure is that when the financial need is there, we will have the resources and when they are not needed everyone's dues will decrease.

  • If this bylaw passes the current $10 dues assessment will no longer apply.
  • We will continue to be financially responsible and make the best decisions possible when spending your dues money.
No dues money is ever given to politicians ..... only individuals voluntary contributions (COPE FUND)
I believe this will be the fairest way for all dues paying members to pay their fair share of dues and for your Union to improve how all members are represented.
Kenn Bradley,
Business Manager
Please note: If you did not receive the mailing please call the hall to update your address. There will be 2 meetings/times for the vote on the dues restructuring.



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