Beaver Valley Violates Weingarten Rights

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Message from Business Manager Kenn Bradley

IBEW Local 29 has filed a ULP (unfair labor practice) charge with the NLRB against FirstEnergy's Beaver Valley Nuclear plant for violating our members Weingarten Rights. One of our members had a meeting with the Company's MRO (medical review officer), that member requested that a Union representative be present for the meeting and that request was denied. The Company's position is that those meetings are protected under the HIPPA privacy laws and therefore the union is not allowed to be present. The union's position is that when the member is requesting representation (Weingarten Rights) they are allowing the Union rep to hear anything the MRO may say and represent the member during the interview. The Union rep has the responsibility to protect the member's privacy after the meeting by not discussing it with anyone else unless given permission by the member. 

Under Weingarten Rights any time you have a meeting with management or their representative and you feel that meeting can lead to discipline you have the right to request a Union representative be present. If you are denied that right, you do not have to answer any questions being asked by the company during that meeting. It is very important that you are the one that requests the Union be present, the Company does not have to ask you if you want a steward present, it is your responsibility to ask!

We are currently in the process of giving statements to the NLRB agent handling the case and are hoping for a quick resolution I will keep everyone updated on the outcome of this issue.


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