September 2018 Newsletter

Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Brothers and Sisters,
We just completed the Officer Brian Shaw Memorial Scholarship Ride and had a great time and a sad time remembering Officer Shaw. We have come to the end of the MRC’s Schedule for planned Charity Events. We do still have several planned rides we will be attending. September 8 we will be heading to New York City for the Labor Day Parade. IBEW MRC #3 had asked clubs at the International Ride to come and join them in their Labor Day Parade as a Solidarity Ride through NYC. Several club members are leaving on the 7th heading to NYC for the Solidarity event. Also, October 13 the MRC will be having an OPEN ride to the Traveling Vietnam Wall in Murrysville Park. The ride will be finalized after I see all the MRC members and any union members that might be attending to get a general gathering site for everyone. Then afterward we will go to Dick’s Diner in Murrysville on Route 22 for lunch. If there are any union members who do not have a motorcycle and just want to join us at the Wall, let me know so we can coordinate a time that we will get to the Wall and so we can all go see it together. You're also welcome to join us for lunch.
The MRC has done many Events this year and hope to continue to do fun rides and support the charity events in our communities and promote our union. If you know of any union members that are interested in joining the MRC have them contact the union hall or me and we’ll get them signed up. All you have to be is a member in good standing with the union and have a valid motorcycle license and naturally a motorcycle. Retirees are also welcome to join the MRC. We are a Motorcycle Riders Club (MRC) and are here for recreational, and educational riding and having fun.
Schools are getting back into the swing of things so BEWARE of SCHOOL ZONES and CROSSWALKS. Kids are just walking and some children might not be thinking of you on the road and just walking along talking with others, texting, on their phone, or just thinking of other things. So, drive/ride defensively!!
Our last MRC meeting for 2018 is Dec. 8th at noon at the Steak n Lube in Cranberry. See you all at the Labor Day Parade on Monday, September 3rd! 
In Solidarity,