New York Labor Day Solidarity Parade - September 8th

Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Saturday, September 8th is the Labor Day/Solidarity Ride in New York City. IBEW L. U. 3 has invited all the IBEW Riders Club to attend. Brother Sam Houpt has made 2 room reservation for me and Will J and we are leaving on Friday to go to New Jersey just across the Hudson from NYC.
Our game plan is to do the ride and go to the Billy Joel Motorcycle Museum after the ride. The Solidarity ride is about 45 minutes tops down Broadway. If you plan on going YOU MUST BE SURE YOUR PAPERWORK IS IN PROPER ORDER ON YOU BIKE!!!!
The police really come down on motorcyclist up there. We will be staying outside New York afterward where Will J is taking care of that.
Let me know if your planning on attending and I will have the information from Sam where we are staying. YOU MUST make your reservations ASAP!!!
We will be riding along with members from L. U. 5 also.
In Solidarity,